I saw this video this morning and it was so inspiring I just had to put it on FB and here. It was on Gavin’s blog a week or so ago and I saved it until I had a spare few minutes to watch it. It makes me want to dig up my nature strip out the front of the house and plant food for the neighbourhood to share!

But then I have to take a step back, take a deep breath and realise that if I can’t even keep the weeds under control, then perhaps now isn’t the time to go making more garden beds to maintain. Still.. a girl can dream.

Today I’m driving to Bendigo to meet up with a Simple Savings member from the country who’s just bought a thermomix. We’re meeting half way, I’m handing over her new baby, having lunch in the Beechworth Bakery (hopefully very easy to find!!!) and then coming back. *waves to Grace* Grace is also a member of the seed-swappers group on FB that I belong to, so I’m taking my seeds up as well so we can have a good old-fashioned rummage. I love that I’m meeting all these people whose interests cross several lines, just like mine do.

Remember the free trip to Hong Kong that I’m trying for? This month is the last month that I can qualify. It’s do-able, but it won’t be easy…. so in true Frogdancer style I’m pulling out all the stops to go for it. Sleep is for the weak, as that student said a few weeks ago. I’m taking that as my new motto. So my demos are going to have free cookbooks flying around in all directions. “Not only do you get the Everyday Cookbook with 250 recipes AND the Festive Flavours cookbook AND a red apron …. you also get to choose any cookbook you like from the range here if you buy a thermomix from me this month!!!” (I’d better remember to put in the “from me” every time I say it. I’m sure other consultants won’t be offering this and the last thing anyone needs is a disgruntled customer.) It’ll be like Christmas is coming early!! Woo hoo!

I’ve just finished reading an interesting book. I don’t know that it’s the best book I’ve ever read, but the idea is a good one. ‘The Age of Miracles’ by Karen Thompson Walker deals with what happens when the world’s rotation begins to slow and our days get longer. It’s an apocalypse novel without any zombies. I particularly liked the last part of the novel, when things were really out of whack. I suppose it’s comforting to read about things like that, tucked up warm in your bed with the electric blanket on, peppermint tea by your side, safe in the comforting knowledge that of course this would never happen IRL.

Have a lovely Sunday, everyone!

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3 Responses to Gardening…

  1. Catherine says:

    So that’s what you get up to on a lazy Sunday…..and to think this was the weekend I was to go down to DD1 in Bendigo but I was too tired. We could have met up – she lives only a few minutes from the Beechworth Bakery ; – ) Hope you had a lovely trip. Good luck with qualifying for Hong Kong too.

  2. Bek says:

    It’s such a good video – I love what they’re doing. Good luck with the Hong Kong thing!

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