A gift of Love.

Here’s a couple of interesting recipes… and no! They’re not thermomix ones (though you can make sourdough bread in the thermie, of course): Lavender jelly and Sourdough bread. Our lavender in the front yard is almost taller than I am, so a little judicious harvesting wouldn’t hurt it at all. And sourdough??!? She had me at the mere mention, but when she said something about olive sourdough then that was it. I have to try it.

Then I saw this: Sourdough Naan bread. It’s kismet.


I thought I’d show you how the wicking boxes on the front porch are doing. This blurry photo is lemon balm. Last year foodnstuff gave me some little sprigs of lemon balm and warned me not to put it in the ground as it’d take off. It certainly loves the wicking box. This box is also a mini worm farm, the idea being that the worms will fertilise the soil and make the box an even more ‘plant friendly’ place. Plenty of lemon balm tea coming up!!


Here is a wicking box full of Bunnings Mint. I have no idea which variety of peppermint it is but it’s a strong tasting one that I like to use in the bettroot salad and warm pumpkin, chicken and couscous salad at demos. It looked pretty sad over winter and I wondered if I was going to lose it, but as soon as the weather started to even think about warming up it took off. You can see the lid of the watering tube, hidden among the foliage. See?


Hi-tech stuff!!!


The watercress, on the other hand, isn’t terribly happy. Even with the ready water supply at the bottom off the box, I think it’s getting too much sun.


But look at the wicking herb bed! This is the view from the front door and it makes me happy every day.
Rosemary, garlic chives, bergamot, thyme, lemon thyme, oregano, golden/pizza oregano, cranberry, perennial basil (which I may rip out but it DOES attract the bees) and lots of coffee grounds. This is also a worm farm. I think it makes all the difference.


Look Bev!! Yacon! This isn’t a wicking box though.

And finally I’ll finish on a lovely thing that happened yesterday. It was a student-free day yesterday, (Cup Day is today, which is why I’m sitting in my pjs, crocs and bathrobe happily typing away at 8.30AM), and all the kids were home. I walked into the house at around 4PM yesterday, to be greeted by shining clean floors…. a clean kitchen…. piles of folding that had been done…. a clean bathroom AND two boys assembling a desk for my business.
Up until now I’ve been using the dining room table for the business and it was a bit of a debacle. Stuff piled everywhere, no one else could use the table and it was obviously going to have to change. Tom20 took some measurements of where the desk would go and then he and Evan16 went down to Officeworks and when I got home they were half-way through assembling it.

It was pretty funny. Having been brought up by my good self, they haven’t had any experience in putting together things like this.
“I think the guys who got sacked at IKEA designed this desk!” said Evan16 at one point.
But they did it. My lounge room has been redesigned slightly to fit it in and now there’s no excuse… I HAVE to get organised with all of the paperwork.

I felt so lucky while they were putting it together. It sounds a bit weird to say that the gift of a desk is a sign of love and support, but that’s how it feels to me. I have lovely boys.

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5 Responses to A gift of Love.

  1. foodnstuff says:

    I see! I see the yacon!
    The view from the front door looks great! I bet it smells nice around there too. Good welcome for visitors.
    You are indeed lucky to have such lovely boys. All down to good genes and good parenting.

  2. Jo says:

    Your boys sound lovely, I hope my 3 grow up to be as caring and considerate.

  3. kris says:

    Well done Mum! My son is busy building an Ikea shelf for me right now unsolicited. He’s a nice fellow. There are a few around fortunately.

  4. Liz says:

    My watercress looks, or rather looked before I yanked most of it out, exactly like that – it doesn’t seem to like the warm weather at all.

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