Why teaching is good for your quality of life.

Ahhh kids. They make you laugh! Today is Out Of Uniform Day. I love these days because I get to wear jeans to work. (And I don’t have a demo tonight so I can wear them all day!!! I’m so happy!!! It’s the little things that give life so much joy, I’ve found.)

Anyway, Evan16 walks into the kitchen this morning wearing his uniform, as is his usual thing on OOUD’s. He hasn’t worn casual clothes on these days for a couple of years now.

“Why are you doing this,” I asked. “I love wearing jeans to work.”

Ryan17 smiled. “He’s a nerd, Mum. He loves to feel uniform against his bare skin…”


I was teaching my year 8s last week and noticed that a few of the boys were idly playing with scissors as I was talking. I called them all psychopaths, confiscated the scissors and put them down on the floor beside my desk. Five minutes later I saw Nick in the second row playing with a compass. I walked over, asking the heavens why these kids have such a fascination with sharp objects and demanded for him to hand it over.

“Can I throw it where all the scissors are?” he asked.

“NO!!!!” I said. “You could get George in the back of the head.”

George turned around. “I don’t mind if he puts a compass in the back of my head Miss,” he said. “At least that way I’ll always know which direction I’m heading.”


The two year 9 boys I saw walking past me in the hall today wearing dinner suits.

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2 Responses to Why teaching is good for your quality of life.

  1. Liz says:

    He, He, He although I’m not entirely convinced that George really thought it through…

  2. Urspo says:

    that all sounds quite bizarre and troubling; I take your word I should not be alamed.

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