Thought I’d tell you about the thermomix weekend I’m having, before I go and teach some trainees how to do the prac/cooking part of the demo. Me… teaching cooking! You never know where life will take you, do you?

I drove down to Phillip Island (2 hours away) on Friday night after school to do a varoma demo for a lovely girl called Mel. A varoma demo is when I come back 6 weeks or so after you buy a thermomix and I show you how to use your steamer/varoma. A lot of people don’t use the steamer much at all and it’s something that is so easy and versatile to use, so we want to make sure everyone is using the thermomix to its fullest potential. Hence the demo. Delectable food, too. I love doing the varoma demos. (I always have to “sample” the warm pumpkin, chicken and couscous salad. Just to make sure it’s all up to scratch, of course….Om nom nom.)

She had 4 friends there: a mother and daughter who work together at a local cafe; a friend who lives up the road and is really into whole foods and a friend who was at her first demo. The minute I saw the friend again I thought, “Ooo! If she’s back again she might buy!” Nup. She was there for the free feed in the short term as she’s saving for a holiday overseas, though she’ll probably buy sometime down the track, who knows? The mother and daughter each bought one on the night. The extra cookbook I’m giving away with each sale sealed the deal for one of them as she loves cookbooks and really wanted that one. So it was a happy drive home, especially when I walked in the door at 11.30PM and the housework was done.

Saturday I had two demos. The first was just a few streets away with a woman who attended my very first demo …. 9 months ago. Some people obviously like to mull things over before they make a decision! She’s been keeping an eye on how Blogless Sandy’s been going with the thermomix, but the clincher came with the 12 months interest free offer and the fact that her oldest son really wanted her to buy one so he could use it. She had 3 friends there, plus Sandy came as well, which was really good as it doesn’t hurt to have an enthusiastic owner there chatting away with people, saying what they’re making in it.

Anyway, Sheila bought one, much to her son’s delight, and I had another woman there who said she was going to buy one in January or February when she has more time. Still, next year when I’m trying to earn points for my free thermomix then that sale will come in handy, so I can’t complain. Sheila didn’t end up buying on the interest free, which I was happy about as I don’t like all the paperwork, and so I was able to walk through the door home and announce grandly, ” Four to go!”

I was home for a little over an hour and then I made the drive to Mooroolbark (an hour away up near the hills) to do a delivery demo for Samantha. She’s Sara’s friend (Sara’s a blog reader *waves*) and this was her first demo. She had her Mum and another couple there. I was worded up beforehand that the husband was very careful with his money and I’d be lucky to make a sale. Both he and Sam’s husband work together and Sam’s husband has been raving about the food she’s been cooking to the guys at work all week. Sure enough, they came in and he was very quick to make a comment about the price, not in an unpleasant way but you could tell it was an issue. I agreed with him, saying that I was thinking exactly the same thing when I went to foodnstuff’s place to see it, but after a while I could see the value in it for my family. I was feeling almost physical pain when I signed the order form (ah! My frugal nature!) but since mid December when Uma came here I think there’d be maybe 5 days where she hasn’t been used at least once.

Anyway, I started the demo and I was just about to make the sorbet when my phone beeped. I’d forgotten to put it on silent. I apologised and went to switch it off, but human nature being what it is, I just had to peep at who had sent the text. It was from the remaining guest at Phillip Island, the one who is into whole foods, saying that she wanted to buy one.

“I just sold another thermomix!” I said, and they all clapped. I sent a quick text back, “Fantastic! At a demo, can I call you tomorrow?” and then we started making sorbet.

This family doesn’t use sugar, so we made it with dextrose powder. I had a taste and it wasn’t at all prominent…. all I could taste was the strawberries.

Sam’s mum wants one, but they’ve just discovered termites in the house so she has to deal with that before she thinks about buying one, which is fair enough.The other couple bought straight away. When they were filling out the order form Sam nearly fell out of her chair.

“You’re buying one???” she gasped.

“Yeah,” Ben said. “Gary sold it to me last week at work. I just wanted to come here and make sure!”

So I’m down to two.

On the way to Mooroolbark I had a phone call from a girl I recruited into the business who’s in the middle of training. She hasn’t yet bought her thermomix due to cash-flow-child-support issues. (Remember a couple of years ago on this blog??? I can identify!) Anyway, she said that she’s going to be buying her thermomix next Friday. If she does, that’s another sale for me. That’ll make one to go, though the counting chickens thing still applies.

I have 6 demos booked between now and the end of the month. Sleep is for the weak. Two sales to go…. then that massage at the day spa…..

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One Response to Update.

  1. foodnstuff says:

    Go! Go! Go girl! You deserve that trip to HK for all the fantastic work you’ve done. Us thermie owners are rooting for you!

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