It’s a small, small world.

Red, Gold, and Green

Red, Gold, and Green
Hi everyone! Just in the interests of keeping the running tally going…. I need ONE more sale. I have a demo booked tonight in Fitzroy, then one booked for tomorrow night in Phillip Island (long drive for Ryan17, but he needs to start getting his hours up for his licence. David19 got his 120 hours on the last demo we did at P.I.)
Friday night I have nothing booked. I’m thinking of celebrating by having an early night… like about 7.30!!
Had a few “it’s a small world” things happen recently. When I was in Junior Group Leader training, we were all sitting around the table at a restaurant on the first night, just chillin’ and getting to know each other. Then the woman over the table mentioned that she had a blog. Turns out she’s Bee from Tick of Yum.
“OMG!! I’m Frogdancer!” I said.
She squealed and the whole table turned and looked at us. We were behaving as if we’d found a long-lost sister. We’re hoping to be roomies in Hong Kong.
Then I was sitting in the staff room a couple of days ago when Ange, who sits 4 desks away, turned to me and said, “Frogdancer, have you been to Phillip Island recently?”
I laughed. “Who do you know?”
Turns out the girl I’m doing a delivery demo for tomorrow night was a bridesmaid with Ange at a wedding last year.
Then I was given a lead for a customer, so I gave the demo to one of my group. They met at the last cooking class I did, started talking and discovered that their children both go to the same school and are in different prep classes across the hall from each other.
Seven degrees of separation…
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One Response to It’s a small, small world.

  1. Kate says:

    Your’re just keeping us all in suspense by pushing down to wire aren’ t you!!!!!!!

    Extract the proverbial digit and get the job done.

    Have everything crossed for you. Good Luck tonight.;)

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