Skinflint Sunday: Surprise your child with a gift from the garden!

Thanks so much for the lovely messages of congratulations and support on my last post. Yes… I made it. (Went 2 over, which is all good.) When I look at my diary for November it was positively insane. I think I had only 2 or 3 nights off during the entire month. I was either doing demos, helping at cooking classes or making deliveries. I’m not sure I want to put my hand up for another month like this one, but knowing me it’ll probably happen again. Must try not to leave qualifying for things till the last moment.

There were a few blog readers here who have bought from me. Their sales, and those who may have come from from their friends and families, directly contributed to my seat on the plane. Thank you so much to the following people:

Alyse, Bek, Erin, Kathryn, Grace, Ilona and Samantha B (who both bought earlier in the year but had friends who bought during the qualifying period) and Sara R. Thank you all so much. I hope that you and your friends continue to have many delicious meals and snacks made in your thermomixes for the next 20 years and more!

Here’s a lovely post from Bek. I was around there last week and she gave me some saffron bulbs. I’m looking forward to making saffron rice next year. She’s full of good-heartedness, Bek is. She trusted me with these bulbs even though I gifted her with the scrawniest, sorriest looking Amish Paste tomato plant you’ve ever seen. In case you were wondering whether close physical proximity to your garden produces happy, healthy plants, I’d have to say after intense experimentation on this issue for the last two months that the answer is YES. Plants aren’t happy if you don’t notice that they need transplanting and you leave them in their little starter punnets. They grow long and leggy as they desperately search for a way out. I have this morning off (I’m observing one of the new girls on my team at a demo this afternoon) so I think I may liberate a few of them and give them some soil to stretch their roots in. I hope I haven’t left it too late.

Speaking about too late… we had a death in the family yesterday. Remember Willow, my chook with the gammy leg who limped everywhere? Her foot was getting worse and worse and she had to use her wings a lot to balance herself. Over the last week or so she wasn’t looking very happy and on Friday I was saying to the people at work that I may have to look at getting the axe out. Anyway, she saved me the trouble. Yesterday morning I opened the lid of the nesting boxes to boot Pudgy out (she’s broody again, dammit!) and there in the nesting box beside her was Willow, stiff and cold. If I had the day off I would have buried her in the garden with a fruit tree on top of her, but I was fully booked with meetings with my team. So she was bundled unceremoniously into a garbage bag and into the bin. I’m sorry to see her go, though. She was a funny old thing.

It was a bit funny though when I walked into the kitchen, Willow in hand, to get a garbage bag. Evan16 was just coming out from the bathroom and he rounded the corner just in time to see me with my grisly cargo.

“UGH!” he said, leaping back. Then he laughed and said, “Geeze Mum, I thought you were just coming to say good morning. I never know what you’re going to bring in from that garden!”

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4 Responses to Skinflint Sunday: Surprise your child with a gift from the garden!

  1. Oh Yay….you made it….so happy for you as I’ve been following your progress and seeing how hard you worked

  2. Grace Fraser says:

    Congrats for making your goal. Your hard work paid off. Well done. Now you can sleep.

  3. Urspo says:

    yes, sleep well.

  4. sootie 'n' sam says:

    Poor Willow – a rather undignified end for the poor old chook 😦 Couldn’t one of the boys dug a hole and buried her ?

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