The year is slowing down. Finally!


All over the internetz, people are asking what to get their child’s teacher for Christmas.
THIS is what you get for them!
Sadly, the only present I got from a student was a box of chocolates. (Which, to tell you the truth, was actually pretty good. I loves me a session of Cadbury Roses pigging-out before I deign to share what’s left of the chocolates with my offspring.) This pictured present came from the year 9 English team, as a thank you for braving the year 9 hormonal herd every day.


The boys put up the christmas tree again this year. I haven’t been on the ball this year AT ALL with gifting. Only one of those presents under the tree was bought by me and that was only because I was given my sister in the Kris Kringle and I happened to be walking past David Jones on the way to meet someone in a coffee shop to talk about becoming a consultant and saw something she might like. I still have absolutely no idea what to get my youngest two.

Still, things are settling down now. Demos are slowing as Christmas gets closer and it’s the last week of term before holidays.
Sweet, sweet holidays…


It was a bit of a shock to come into work yesterday and find christmas presents on my desk from other staff members. Is it so close to the end of the year???? Frankly – yes. So I raced over to Hatchy in the other staff room (she has bees) and she gave me some beeswax. I went home via the $2 shop and bought the smallest little jars I could and I fired up Uma and made Calendula Salve. I bought 10 bottles and there was just enough (making a double batch) for 10 bottles. Thank goodness I had dried calendula petals and lavender oil on hand from the soap-making supplies!

Incidentally, I found the recipe from this list of Christmas goodies on a thermomix blog. The internet comes in handy, doesn’t it?


Here’s my breakfast. CADA and strawberries from the garden. Sets me up beautifully for the whole day!
(Can you tell I was just wandering around aimlessly with my camera this morning, wondering what on earth to blog about?)


Speaking of strawberries, they’re loving the wicking bed. They’ve taken over about a third of the big wicking bed near the garage. It’s their second year here and I haven’t touched them. They’ve just sulked through winter and then exploded into summer.


I’ve been so slack with the garden, though. I gave up and planted 4 poor little blueberry plants who have survived months of waiting to be planted. I should’ve put them in the ground but I just kept putting it off. Finally I gave up and shoved them into the other end of the garage wicking bed and piled pine leaves from Helen from work’s last-years-christmas-tree around them as mulch. The original plan was to only use the wicking beds for annuals and to plant the perennials in the ground for perpetuity, but who has the time to walk over to the permanent beds??? These blueberry plants are lucky to be alive as it is. They should thank me. At least I kept watering them when they were out on the front porch among the herbs.


Then I did something REALLY bad. I went to the local hardware shop and bought seedlings and planted them out. The seeds I painstakingly saved last summer were almost totally neglected and I missed the boat. So I have dwarf beans, capsicum plants and cucumber plants that someone else started. *sigh*
But Alyse’s tomatoes that she gave me are bearing fruit!!!

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3 Responses to The year is slowing down. Finally!

  1. Urspo says:

    I wonder if teachers here in the states are allowed to receive presents. Sort of a taboo I suppose of crossing boundaries. Worse, I wonder/fear children don’t consider giving presents rather than being forbidden to do so. I don’t know if any of this is so.

  2. Catherine says:

    Ohh wine from the students. Now that is a very welcome present….lol. Only chocolates and a mug for James’s teacher. I think he felt she needed sweetening up after dealing with him all year….vbg. Must plant some calendula’s at some stage and try that balm. It looks amazing. Have a wonderful and very relaxing Christmas.

  3. Tebasile says:

    Thanks for trying my recipe Frogdancer. I have given these as gifts and the recipients are always so happy to receive it.

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