I spent 3.5K yesterday.

I paid the school fees for subject levies and the year 12 school camp. 2K gone in the blink of an eye. Every year I think that those kids should do FAR more homework so I can get my money’s worth, but it never seems to happen.

Then I came home and gathered up 3 kids and we went to Southland. A bit of back story: Remember when I swapped my home loan to UBank? They’re an internet bank. Saved myself a small fortune in interest every monh. They had an offer at the time where you’d get a $500 gift card if you moved your home loan across to them and it’s been sitting in my wallet since July. I was going to do something practical with it by using it at the supermarket or something like that, but I never got around to it.

Then I started realising that I’ll need another computer type thing for the business. The only question was, should it be a laptop or an ipad? I was to-ing and fro-ing for a while, until I realised that I’m on the list to get my work laptop replaced next year. I may as well use that one for both teaching and thermomixing… which left the ipad. I was starting to notice people at work using them. Flaunting them, really. Casually leaving for class with their computing needs in one hand, instead of slung in a fairly heavy bag over their shoulder. The more I noticed them, the heavier my laptop got.

So I came home after work and said to the boys, “We’re going to Southland to go to Aldi and to buy an ipad.” We didn’t make it to Aldi.

An ipad mini. It has Angry Birds (why had no one told me about this before?) and I even downloaded a novel (Never Let Me Go by Kazuro Ishiguro) and I’m reading a NON book.

On the way there we were asking Ryan17 what he wants to do for his 18th, which is on Dec 29. He has a very close circle of friends, who all skype each other and play games, which means of course that he’ll end up like this.

More as a joke than anything else, I asked him if he’d like to change from Optus for our internet to someone else to avoid the frequent drop-outs and lag he keeps complaining about. His face lit up. So our first stop was the Telstra shop, where we arranged to change. His 18th birthday will be celebrated by all of his gamer friends being in the same room together while playing games and eating pizza. He’ll have a beer because he’ll be 18… but maybe he won’t. It might interfere with his reflexes.

Then I started thinking about our old, small tv. Some of his guests will be playing on computers, but others will be playing console games. We went to JB Hi Fi.


Of course, this necessitates getting a new tv cabinet. Unless we bend this new tv in half, it’s not going to fit into the space:


Ryan17 and Evan16 are getting the tv for Christmas. Evan16 plays on the tv all the time. At present we’ll just put this new one on top of the cabinet we already have until I see a piece of furniture I really like. It’s got to be made of real wood and be pleasing to the eye. I’ve been looking at too much “stopgap” furniture here that was only meant to be here for a year or two and 20 years later I’m still looking at it. Evan16 actually got up early and is unpacking it from the box while I’m typing. Pretty pleased about that as there’s no way I’D be able to work out how to set the whole thing up.

NOW I’m going to get to Aldi, hopefully before hoardes of crazed Christmas shoppers (like me) descend upon it and snaffle all the christmas hams.

And on one last note: Spo (the dear) confused me with a New Zealander. It reminded me of this clip :

Clearly Australians and New Zealanders are very different. I have no idea where the confusion came from!

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6 Responses to I spent 3.5K yesterday.

  1. All your Christmases have come at once!
    If you want to extend your shopping spree to decorate your new ipad mini, have a look here at the fantastic skins…
    I was as excited to decorate my ipad, as I was to get it.

    I read quite a bit on the ipad – I wasn’t that interested until the last local bookshop closed. We now have an independent store again, so I do buy physical books, if they are by authors that have proven themselves to me, but I am more likely to try new books as ibooks, (or using the kindle app). Apparently the is some suggestion that the back-lit screen can interfere with your ability to fall asleep, so it is probably better to read in “stealth mode” (as we call it – black screen, white text) at night.

    A favourite app on the ipad is IMDb. I’m always looking up actors when I am watching something, to work out why they are familiar, and where I have seen them before.

    Happy Christmas to you and your young men!

  2. Kate says:

    My god you are spending like a woman with no arms. Most unlike you. HO HO! Seriously Wishing you and your boys the best of Christmas Cheer. Thanks for your very entertaing blog.

    • Frogdancer says:

      And I’m just about to leave for Chadstone to buy up big again. May as well give the kids their clothing money for Christmas. I look ultra generous and they get to go shopping and choose their own clothes. Win/win! Merry christmas, Frogdancer

      > Date: Sat, 22 Dec 2012 19:59:33 +0000 > To: frogdancer01@hotmail.com >

  3. Urspo says:

    I am so relieved you cleared up this matter. I can speak on behalf of most ignorant Yanks (are there other types?) who can’t tell one from the other. They get lumped together thanks to some WWI battle, whose name escapes me. NZ we now know has Hobbits, and Australia has marsupials and beer.

  4. jenb says:

    I have an ipad and I love it. I’m a pretty voracious reader and I’ve gotten to the point that reading a “paper” book annoys me. I can’t just tap and turn the page. It is quite silly, but I have 3 hard copy books sitting next to my bed and I haven’t touched them in months. I read a lot of the free books I can get from Kindle and use the library for free downloads of the more popular books I read. So I actually spend less on books now. And I use mine for dowloading recipes almost daily. Your going to love it.

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