2012… the last day.


Is it wrong that for most of the holidays I’ve been emulating Daphne?


I feel a bit more energised now. I cut some After Dinner Mint to dry it for bedtime teas. It tastes like it has chocolate in it, hence the name.


I have an old wheelbarrow that I’ve tried planting various things in. Most have died, though the lemongrass stalks and the pansies have done ok, while the cornflowers are actually self-seeded from last year.

I had the bright idea to sow the seeds that I saved from the marigolds that Shane from the gardening club gave me last year. They seem as tough as old boots so I figure they stand as good a chance as any to live, thrive and survive here. See the little two-leafed shoots? That’s the marigold seeds. I’m going to put a layer of rice hulls over the top to preserve some moisture, so hopefully that’ll help kick them along.

I changed my “About” page. I was on the Down To Earth forum a couple of days ago and saw a section asking people to write about their simple living. There were only 2 other people who’d written there so I thought I’d have a crack. It went on a little longer than I anticipated, but at least it makes a pretty comprehensive ‘About’ page!

Now I’m off to see a customer and then tidy up my room. It looks scarily close to being on an episode of “Hoarders” and I gave myself till the end of 2012 to get the job done. Just about out of time…


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One Response to 2012… the last day.

  1. Urspo says:

    I know you get to 2013 before I do – may it be marvelous for you!

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