Idle chit-chat and links galore!

This is very well done. Particularly 1:30. Worth watching the whole thing though.

Well, last night my business started up again after Christmas. I had a delivery demo to do  way out at Korumburra, so Ryan18 and I had a lovely 2 hour drive there and back. I wouldn’t do these faraway demos except for the fact that they make it so much easier for the kids to amass their 120 hours they need to go for their licences, with the added  benefit of having one-on-one time with whichever boy is in the front seat. When they’re trapped beside me we can actually have meaningful conversations every now and then.

Poor Bertie’s not very happy right now. He’s parked himself at my feet and he won’t move. He’s done something to his right front leg and every now and then he yelps in pain and holds it up and looks miserable. It doesn’t have any rhyme or reason as to when he’ll scream… maybe it’s a pinched nerve or something. We’re going to the vet this afternoon so hopefully it’ll be something easy to fix. (ETA: he’s now on Valium and anti-inflammatories. He seems happier.)

Actually, speaking of the dogs, I came across a product the other day which has been pretty darned good. We’ve had a horrible couple of summers for fleas here, with this year being even worse than last year. The dogs were scratching themselves to ribbons, despite all of the Revolution, flea shampoos (and then conditioners for their skin when the flea shampoos dried out their skins!) and it was driving me demented. Then I wandered into a Pet Warehouse store and the girl sold me a tablet for controlling fleas. It’s fantastic stuff. No more scratching… or at least, hardly any. The dogs have quality of life again and I’m not being driven crazy. This hot dry sumer is wonderful for fleas, so I’d highly recommend picking some of these tablets up if you’re having the same trouble we had.

Two more weeks of holidays to go. I’ve been more productive than usual, but I’ve still read lots of books and been ‘at one’ with the couch far more often than I should. I’ve seen a fair few Dr Phil episodes too. I’m currently reading ‘The Kingmaker’s daughter’ by Philippa Gregory and I’m really enjoying it, but got wildly excited when the new Sharon Penman novel was delivered to my door by the friendly guy who usually delivers thermomixes to me. I absolutely LOVE her writing and I loves me some Plantagenet action. I’m looking at the small print in the book though, realising that with my new multi-focal glasses that I picked up yesterday there’s going to be a lot of head-nodding and moving around until I find just the right position to look at the print through. I’m not sure about these glasses. I look like a scientist and lots of things look blurry because my brain hasn’t adjusted yet.

I have a demo at lunchtime today and tomorrow I’m going to wash dishes at another demo and observe a new girl in my team. I’m beginning a sourdough starter for bread as soon as I get off the computer and I’m also going to make some more soap. The cleaner (Bonny) starts on Monday and I want to have all the piles of clothes that they boys so thoughtfully threw into the laundry cleared away so she can actually set foot in there. I still haven’t taken the lime verbena cuttings that I want to, so I have to get onto that. I bought a lime verbena sprig from Diggers last year when I was at their garden and I think that the tea you make from the leaves is even nicer than lemon verbena (which is pretty darned good) or peppermint tea. My aim is to have as much dried herbal teas put away as I can before the holidays finish. The pineapple sage plant will soon be stripped bare…

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6 Responses to Idle chit-chat and links galore!

  1. Catherine says:

    Sounds like it’s all action at your place as usual. Poor Bertie hope he is feeling better soon. The fleas haven’t been to bad here but will keep in mind those tablets. I’m with you on the long trips with the kids. They are a captive audience….wicked grin…but I do enjoy the chats we have and the hours on the licences are a bonus.

  2. Kate says:

    Despite “couch time” you seem to be achieving heaps!!

    The specs will be ok when you get used to them. The first pair I got made me feel seasick.

    Hang in there 🙂

  3. Jenny @ Erinport says:

    Sending extra big hugs to Bertie from his ‘other’ mummy 🙂

  4. kris says:

    I expect to see a lot more of those Star Wars meets Disney things now that Disney has bought Lucas Arts. A young friend recently told me that Princess Leia is their new favourite Disney princess!

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