The cleaner started yesterday. *happysigh*


More soap. Mandarine scented, this time.


More jam.


All three tomato plants that Alyse gave me when I went down and delivered her thermomix have started bearing fruit. Thanks so much!


Lime verbena leaves drying for tea and cuttings to make more plants. Lime verbena and Basil mint are turning into my favourite two herbal teas.

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3 Responses to Pottering.

  1. calidore says:

    You have been busy. What recipe do you use for your soap. I have the basic one that Rhonda at Down to Earth posted but am always interested in others ; – )

  2. alyse says:

    Oh that’s great! Looks like you have the same caterpillar problem that I do, mine are also being eaten by rats!

  3. Urspo says:

    is there anything you can’t do? Clever woman !

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