Back to the normal routines.

Neville Longbottom Will Save the World

Saw this and thought it was pretty good.

Had quite the busy weekend just gone. Did a monster demo on Friday night after work, where the numbers started out like a usual demo (there were 4 people) and by the time the demo finished there were 13 people sitting on chairs in front of me. There was also a woman selling Indian jewellery who walked in half way through and set up her wares in the back of the room, which was actually pretty annoying, because I knew what would happen. Sure enough, as soon as I’d finished, the women all got up and made a beeline for the jewellery and there was no one-on-one time to chat with them about the thermomix. Normally that’s the time when I close sales or book demos with people who’d like to see it again or show other people, so it felt like I’d worked the night for nothing. (Still… I was asked to stay and have some dinner because she’d catered for even MORE people who were coming afterwards, so I had a delicious Indian dinner and tried goat meat for the first time. What does Caroline Ingalls say in all of the “Little House books? “There’s no great loss without some small gain.”) The women there were all really lovely and I enhjoyed doing the actual demo… it was just a shame that the hostess thought she’d knock over a big party and a couple of demos all on the one night. Good time management from her pespective but not so good for the jewellery seller and I.

The next day David19 and I got up early and went down to Barwon Heads to deliver a thermomix. This is one of the times when I’m really glad that I do what I do. This customer had jaw cancer a year ago and had to have part of her right jaw amputated. She has very few teeth left on that side of her face and no muscles to speak of, so even the simple act of eating exhausts her. This will never get any better, as there’s no muscles there to build up. She came to our cooking class a couple of weeks ago and was so excited at the prospect of what the thermomix could do for her. Obviously, with limited strength to eat, she has to try and get the maximum amount of nutrition with every mouthful she’s able to ingest. With our controlled temperatures which allows for all of the vitamins, minerals (and enzymes, if you cook at 37C) to stay intact and the ability to serve the food with whatever texture she needs, this is tailor-made for her.

They were a lovely family. Her daughter is doing the same course (Music Composition) as David19 but at a different institution, so they were nattering away like two old chooks the whole time. Every time I served another dish her partner and kids would ask her if she had trouble eating it and they were so protective and nurturing… you could see what a huge impact her disease has had on the whole family. She’s a veggie grower, so after the demo we went out and I had a tour of her garden and she gave me some rhubarb and zucchini to take home. You know when you meet people and you’re all on the same wave length? It felt really great to be solving this huge problem the family had with her diet. They were all so excited and pleased and could hardly wait to start cooking. Most of my customers buy the thermomix for the time saving and the ease of preparation, but every now and then you get a customer whose life you radically change and it absolutely makes your day.

On other news…. I’m back at work. I get two half days off a week (thanks to the thermomix $$$) and I have to say it felt really odd leaving the school at lunchtime on Thursday, knowing I wasn’t coming back till period 5 on Friday. I got over it, though. On Thursday afternoon and Friday morning the weather was beautifully sunny, yet as soon as I set foot on the school grounds Friday to go and teach the year 7s the skies opened and it poured. Coincidence??? Maybe….

This year I’ve got all juniors, ranging from years 7 – 9. Liz, who sits next to me, said that she was talking to one of my year 7s on yard duty and they said that I was the funniest teacher EVER!

I laughed and said, “That’s pretty easy to do. It’s not as if there’s much competition… they’ve only had 7 teachers in their lives before now! Now if they say it at the end of year 12…. ”




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2 Responses to Back to the normal routines.

  1. Liz says:

    Oh I reckon if you count the music, art, PE, dancing lessions, etc etc etc teachers you are doing yourself a disservice. I reckon by Year 7 most kids would have had at least 15 teachers in their lives which makes you very entertaining indeed!

  2. Kate says:

    Great story, what courage and I guess tenacity. Must have been a very moving and enriching experience just to meet your client and her family. Do you ever wonder if sometimes we follow a particular path to where we are meant to be at a certain time and place. Enough philosphy!! Your students are right you are very funny and i think fun to be around. Have a nice day

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