No way I’m doing a demo tonight!!!!

Image credit: Monty Brinton/CBS

David19 started his tertiary course today, setting off early in the morning for his first day at Music Composition at Box Hill TAFE. It’s not a place we live close to… he has to take a train into Richmond and then another one out to Box Hill, so his mornings are going to be regulated by the alarm clock. Being a morning person myself, I can’t see a problem with that but he’s going to take some adjusting.

Life has been pretty busy here. I’m training some new consultants on Sundays this month so what with everything else it means my time is pretty scheduled. I’m still LOVING having Bonny come and do my housework. There’s something about coming home from a full day at work on Mondays and seeing the dining chairs up on the table and the floors gleaming that lifts my spirits. Call me crazy, but I find it’s the little things like being able to see through the shower screen again that just makes life worth living.

Next week we’ve got some training at Thermomix about working with people with different personality traits. (In teaching we call them ‘Learning Styles’, but it’s pretty much the same thing.) As a team leader I have to be conscious that not everyone processes information in the same way I do, (otherwise known as The Correct Way….. that was a joke, btw), so we’re doing some work in how to recognise how other people deal with information and how we ourselves present ideas and information. Obviously, both as a teacher and as a Group Leader, I don’t want to turn someone off by making information or coaching inaccessible to them by how I speak to them. I had to do a personality test, where I scored very highly on the Inspiring, Supportive part but not so well on the Detailed, Organised one. Oops.

Though really, anyone who’s clapped eyes on my desks at school and at home would have a fair idea about the organised part. I usually know which pile a piece of paper is in… it’s just not put away in the filing cabinet until things start toppling over. Still, it was interesting reading about my strengths and weaknesses, particularly the weaknesses. Or maybe ‘weaknesses’ is the wrong word… it’d be more accurate to say ‘the things I need to make sure I include in my presentations so everyone walks away with what they need.’

I’m pleased that I’m getting training in things like this. Obviously we get it a lot in teaching because our job relies on us disseminating information and motivation to the kids, but I’m impressed that the company is putting time and money into training its leaders in things like this. How many of us get exposed to ideas and strategies like this IRL? I’m very pleased that this training is geared to working with adults, because anyone who joins my team as a consultant is someone who I want to help succeed and becaome profitable as soon as possible. Anything that helps me to facilitate this is a great idea!

And on VERY important news… Survivor is back on tonight. I’m organising the sweep at work and tonight will see the family sitting back, feet up, red wine in hand (well… that last part will be just me) enjoying the 90 minute first episode. What a week! A couple of days ago ‘The Walking Dead’ was on, and now this. Life’s good.


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2 Responses to No way I’m doing a demo tonight!!!!

  1. Snoskred says:

    I love me some Probst. 😉 I’ll set the Mystar for the Survivor and series link it. 🙂

    The return of the walking dead was long waited for. I felt it needed MOAR DARRYL as he was only a part of the goings on for 14 minutes. But if this means we might get a show which is MOSTLY DARRYL then I’ll be fine with it.

  2. scottsabode says:

    “…not so well on the Detailed, Organised…” – my biggest LOL of the day!

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