Pretty good day all round.

It’s nice to see that governments all around the world are dedicated to ensuring that “The Walking Dead’ will stay fiction.

A couple of nice things happened yesterday.

I was walking up the stairs to the year 7 centre and one of my year 7 students was walking with me. She asked me if I remembered Will L.

Did I ever!

“He’s my cousin,” she said. “He said you were the best English teacher he ever had.”

Moments like this are really precious. We don’t get to hear them that often. Well- maybe the really good teachers do but I don’t!

Apparently he’s just got back from travelling around Europe for 3 months. How fantastic would that be? Lucky dog!


It was the end of the day. I was walking back to the staffroom and the hallway in ‘C’ block was jammed to the gills with students. Kids were walking past and I’d hear,”Hi Miss.” “Hi Ms Frogdancer,” and I’d say hello back and keep dancing my way through.

Then I see a familiar face and I hear, “Hi Mum!”

Evan16 pushes his way through and gives me a big hug. (Well, we give each other a big hug.) Then he stands there with his arm over my shoulders saying to the random crush of students, “Look everybody! This is my MUM!”

That kid loves to make people laugh.


I received something in the mail when I got home.

An envelope with a ticket and an itinerary.

Remember the free trip I earned with the thermomix business last November?

I leave in 3 weeks.

You know, it’s starting to feel real now…

(And talk to me if you want to earn the same thing!!! I’m having a ball doing this whole thermomix consultant thing. Actually, I’m pretty sure it’ll be even more fun in Hong Kong when I’ll be child-free and loaded up with shopping bags, but I’ll report on that when I get back. Whoopee!!!!)

Thermomix recipe: Gado Gado

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2 Responses to Pretty good day all round.

  1. Johblogs says:

    Wow!! So happy for you that you are going – in three weeks – yay! I reckon if you’ve heard you are one persons favourite English teacher, the is probably a whole pile more that just haven’t told you yet.

  2. Liz says:

    Good for you! All of it! And I reckon what Johblogs says is probably about right.

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