As soon as I post this I’m going back to reading my novel.

David20 showed me this two days ago and then we watched it again. I still laughed till tears ran down my face even though I’d seen it before. Ahhh good times.

A couple of days ago a tragic thing happened. I was watering my poor dry-as-a-bone garden and then the water from the hose started to splutter… and fizz… and become less and less strong….
Yep! The water tank has finally run dry. Considering that this summer has been such a dry one, I think it’s a testament to the wicking beds as to how long I’ve been able to water my entire front and back gardens using just the tank that gets filled up by the runoff from the garage roof. The forecast mentioned something ablout thunderstorms tonight but at present I’m sitting in a classroom babysitting a year 11 History class, sporting a little summer dress and with aircon going full blast. I know Melbourne’s weather is changeable but I’m not too sanguine about the prospect of rain any time soon.

I’m currently working my way through the ‘Dexter’ novels and LOVING them. I’m up to date with the Dexter tv show and the librarian from school recommended the novels as a rollicking good read. That wasn’t the expression she used, though. I can’t believe how the tv show has taken such massive turns away from the novels!! Actually, I’m very glad about it because it ‘s making it far more interesting to read because I’m not entirely sure what’s going to happen. Jolly good fun.

Yesterday I had my final training session with this month’s group of new thermomix consultants. At the last minute I remembered that I had to make lunch for them so in desperation I thought of a recipe that’s reliable and is tasty enough to have a bit of a wow factor. I’ve made it a couple of times before and loved it each time, plus I thought it’d be good for the trainees to see a different risotto other than the mushroom one we do at demos being made. You could make this dish the traditional way, but I only have the recipe (and the inclination) to make it in the thermomix:

Thermomix recipe: Orange, Basil and chicken risotto.

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One Response to As soon as I post this I’m going back to reading my novel.

  1. Melbourne says:

    Oh my – there is a 10 hour version! I dare not even click on it!

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