The Junior Group Leader Challenge.

The water tank is slowly filling!! Yay!

Those of you who are following my ‘journey’_ (yes… I used the J word…. I went there….) as a thermomix Junior Group Leader might be interested to know how it’s progressing. In order to become a fully fledged Group Leader (which is kind of like an area team leader, I suppose) you have to go through a stage of moving through various tasks and proving that you can do the job.  A Junior Group Leader Challenge. Fair enough.

In Nov 1 I began the JGL stage. I had 2 consultants who were in the area and moved across with me, so there were 3 of us. One of the tasks is to get 6 NEW recruits in the team in 7 months and get a certain amount of sales. These two consultants who were with me from the start didn’t count towards the number of new recruits, but their sales counted, which was a big relief to me. My sales didn’t count, sadly.

I don’t mind telling you that I had no idea where these new recruits were going to come from. I had visions of the three of us huddling together in a little group for seven months, staring out into the howling desert of an area where no one wanted to join us. I don’t have any control over the recruit situation at all. It depends on who’s at a demo and gets inspired enough to want to start their own thermomix business and who just happens to live in one of the suburbs in my area. Pure geography. All I could do was cross my fingers and hope, while at the same time tick off as many of the tasks that I had to achieve as quickly as I could, just in case.

So I was observing training sessions, then running them. I was helping at cooking classes, then running them. I was like a whirling dervish, getting all these things ticked off the list while continuing to teach and do my own demos and work with my team.

And right from the start, my team started to grow.

I don’t know where they were coming from.

Well… of course they were coming from the suburbs in my area. Duh! But you know what I mean. It was as if these women were just waiting for someone to come along and take on the ‘Monash’ area. And then they put up their hands.

I started this month with 8 in my team. (This includes me.) By the end of the month 3 more women will have finished training and will be on board. Next month I have 3 ready to start training. It’s incredible. The team will be full at 20, so I’m already staring down the barrel of maybe having a waiting list at some stage. In Western Australia that’s already the case for quite a few teams. Amazing stuff.

As regards my JGL challenge?

Tasks to be completed? Done.

Number of group sales made? Done and then some.

6 new recruits all with at least 3 sales each? ARGH!!!!! 2 new recruits are done and dusted. I’m just waiting on 4 more to get over the line. Most are tantalisingly on the board with sales, but the magic 3 sales are yet to come, while the others are yet to finish training. I know they’ll do it and the whole official Group Leader thing is in the bag… I was just wanting it to happen before the end of February – or failing that, before I go to Hong Kong.

Still, they don’t care about that. They’re excited about their own businesses and honestly… so am I. It’s a good feeling to pick up the phone and have someone bubbling with excitement at making their first sale or achieving a personal goal they set themselves. I’m enjoying their company and helping them in any way I can to get their businesses up and running to be profitable and enjoyable. There’s some amazing women on my team who are incredibly inspiring in what they want to achieve and in their willingness to learn and take steps to get there. There’s a couple more who are a bit more relaxed about the whole thing but that’s ok too… it’s their business, after all.

I’m still hoping that February will be the month that I can tick off the whole JGL thing. it’s not up to me though, but I can still cross my fingers. Some astute readers may have twigged by now that I’m slightly goal oriented…

So all in all it’s going far better than I could have predicted. I’m enjoying it and I’m looking forward to seeing what we as a team will have achieved by the end of the year. I love that I’ve got a young team who are so excited about the opportunity they have in their hands… thermomix is absolutely out there now and the growth in sales and the business as a whole is amazing. (Just as well, if I’m putting my time and energy into it!!!)

Now I’ve got to press ‘publish’ and get ready to go and do my other job… that thing about educating the young folk who are Australia’s future. Remember? Today is Wide Reading and Essay Writing day, depending on the class. One thing I’ll say about my life… every day is different!

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