Skinflint Sunday: Haggle at Bunnings.


I’m not much of a fruit eater, unless someone cuts it up and puts it on a plate in front of me, but when trees in your yard go to all the trouble of growing some apples and figs for you, what can you do? It’d be churlish to leave them to rot…

How wonderful is this? Actually, the first pink lady apple I cut into had a worm or something ruin it, but darned if I was going to waste it! I chopped off the bits that weren’t brown and yuck and ate them (so good!) and then gave the rest of the apple to the worms in the freezer worm farm. I’m going to have the other two for breakfast in my CADA.

The pink lady apple tree was one I got at a marked-down price from Bunnings because it had a few broken branches. From memory I got $10 taken off it and I bore it home in triumph. The granny smith tree I planted next to it also has a few apples, though the 5 Ballerina apple trees have yet to sprout anything but leaves and hope. Hope that next year they’ll give me a bumper harvest.

The capsicum in the photo is from a plant that I didn’t pull out at the end of the growing season last year. It’s in the wicking bed under the boys’ bedroom window and it’s half under the eaves of the house. I thought I’d see what would happen if I gave it another year. What could I lose?

So far this is the only one of my capsicum plants to produce anything at all. I planted very late and the seedlings I bought haven’t really done much except languish around and produce the occasional flower. This plant has produced heaps. I haven’t been able to use many because Ryan18 loves to eat fresh green capsicums so he’s been keeping a very close eye on this plant. He says possums are getting them but I have my doubts. I keep finding capsicum seeds in the compost bowl in the kitchen…

The cherry tomatoes are from a plant that Alyse gave me when I came to her place to do a thermomix demo, while the figs are from a tree that has been here for a long long time, far longer than the 16 years I’ve been living here. A couple of years ago we gave it a good hard prune and it has yet to recover fully, but it’s growing quite a few little figs this year, much to the birds’ pleasure. I’m just waiting for the lorikeets to fly down from Queensland and discover them. Always a colourful time when that happens.

Thermomix recipe: Green Smoothies and Boost Juices

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