Hogwarts joke.

Accurate AND Romantic

Harry Potter jokes never get old. Even Ryan18, who’s normally pretty sombre in the mornings, cracked a smile at this one.

I leave for Hong Kong this time next week. Actually, I’ll be taking off at about this time. Yesterday I thought I’d better start getting organised for it, so I clicked on a link a friend sent me and bought some cheap travel insurance. Now to start thinking about things like power adapters and clothes…. Fortunately I don’t have any demos on Sunday or Monday so that’ll give me time to run around in a mad panic and get things done. Anyway, I’m sure Hong Kong will have one or two places that I can shop for clothes.

Thermomix Recipe: Yoghurt and Yoghurt Balls

One thought on “Hogwarts joke.

  1. Bon voyage! If anyone can find bargains and shop frugally in Hong Kong it would be you. Have a great time you have certainly earned it. I look forward to hearing of your “adventures”.

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