Awake early on a public holiday.

My morning began with the beautiful sound of the garbage truck coming up the street at 6.25AM. It’s a public holiday here, which means that Tom21 almost certainly forgot to put the bins out. I raced out to the front verandah and sure enough…. the bins were still in the driveway. The truck was in front of the next door neighbour’s place… it was still dark…. I was in my (thankfully respectable) pyjamas.

I grabbed the recycling bin at random, dragged it over the parsley because I could see that truck starting to move and I didn’t have time to take it the long way and I hurtled out onto the road.

The truck stopped. Luckily I’d grabbed the correct bin and he emptied it into the truck. All good. The garbage man now know what my sleepwear looks like but that’s ok. All essential portions of my anatomy were covered. Of course all this means that I was well and truly awake, especially after I dragged that recycling bin back and put the normal garbage bin out on the nature strip.

I came in, logged on and ended up writing a post answering a question on Simple Savings about why the thermomix is more expensive than the other machines that are coming onto the market. I learned some stats at the meeting last week about how much we as a business have sold and grown over the last 12 months so I put them in as well. I hope I didn’t offend the owners of the el-cheapo machines but I felt I had to set the record straight about a few things that the people posting on the thread didn’t know. I’ll stick the post down the bottom of this one for those who are interested, under the usual recipe. Now onto other things!!

I leave for Hong Kong tomorrow. As soon as I hit ‘publish’ on this, I’m going to the wardrobe to drag down my big suitcase and I’ll start to pack. We have a gala diner to go to on Tuesday night on a floating restaurant and we’ve been asked to dress in red and gold. Ha! I’m from Melbourne… we only dress in black. Fortunately, in the spirit of frugality, I have a red satin coat that I bought YEARS ago at a Vivienne’s Collection party. I’ll just wear a little black dress and pop that over the top and I’ll be good to go.

I’ve checked the weather and it’s all low 20’s (yay!) and cloudy (yay!) So far, every time I’ve been to Asia I’ve been lucky enough to strike weather that means I won’t get burnt. I’m so pale that I burn after 10 minutes in the sun. The Man Pantry is stocked for the boys and my lesson plans are done for my classes. Once that bag is packed I’ll be ready to go.

I’m taking my ipad but I don’t know if I’ll be able to use the hotel’s wifi to blog. If I can, I will. (Just have to work out how to get photos from the ipad to the blog. Is it possible?) I’ll be topping up the wicking pots and beds so that the plants don’t die in this awful heatwave we’re existing through and I’ll just have to keep my fingers crossed that the chooks, cats and dogs are fed and watered. It’ll be an interesting experience to come back on Sunday and see what has and hasn’t been done while I’ve been away.

Starting to get excited now! See you!

Thermomix recipe: Cajun Crusted Chicken  A recipe for the barbeque, seeing as we’re in this hideous heatwave. The thermomix makes the dressing.

Simple Savings post:

The major difference is that for just $1939 you get a motor with an UNLIMITED life expectancy. There’s no moving parts in a thermomix motor so there’s no friction… nothing to break. One of the women in my team has a friend who owns a 30 year old thermomix which is still going strong. She brought it out with her when she migrated here from Europe. That’s pretty darned good value for money, which is what we as Simple Savers should be all about, surely?

There are other differences to do with extra functions and the materials the thermomix is made from (Solingen steel blades, surgical grade stainless steel bowl for example).

It drives me nuts when I see people here going on about how much cheaper the Bellini and the thermochef are. OF COURSE they are!! They’re not German, they’re made from inferior materials and their motors will burn out. Just look at the Bellini pages on this site with the disproportionate amount of machines that are having to be replaced. Personally, I prefer to buy something once and then never have to replace it again.

Owning a thermomix so good that a month after buying one I became a consultant. I love that all my customers own a quality piece of equipment that makes such a difference to their lives. I also love that the quality is so high that I’m not being hounded by people to replace faulty ones. I don’t have time for stuff like that!

Instead of reeling back in horror at the price, which, to be honest, I did at first. Didn’t see a thermomix for a year after hearing about the price and now I kick myself!….Instead ask yourself WHY the price is higher than the opposition (there’s very good reasons) and WHY so many people are buying them if these other machines are supposedly exactly the same? We sold 50,000 thermomixes in the last 18 months alone in Australia and New Zealand. Do your research!!!

The next paragraph is for fellow SS people who may be interested in a way to boost their income by becoming a thermomix consultant. Tupperware and Avon aren’t the only businesses available! No need to keep reading if you don’t fall into this category. I just want to let people know about the opportunity because it’s made such a big financial difference to my family and l know other people here could do equally well from it. I think that Simple Savers should look after each other:

(It’s a very good time to look at being a consultant, actually. I know there are a lot of people here who are looking for a way to boost their incomes and this business is growing incredibly fast, even when times are tough. We had an 18% growth in Feb and I’m really very glad I’ve got a piece of that! The business is going through the roof as more people know about the thermomix and want one. Pop over to my blog if you’re interested and I can put you in touch with someone in your area who can answer your questions and look after you. My email address is on the blog, which saves putting it up on an open forum. The blog also has heaps of recipes on it as well, for those of you who want to check out how and what you can make and how easy it is.) I’ve been able to work part-time at teaching this year, which I never in a million years thought I’d be able to do, and tomorrow I leave for a thermomix conference in Hong Kong… all expenses paid by the company. I’ve been doing this for only 13 months.Honestly, I can only tell you my experience, and I can highly recommend both the thermomix and the business opportunity. It’s well worth doing your research on both.

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5 Responses to Awake early on a public holiday.

  1. Catherine says:

    I’m glad it’s not only me who greets tradesmen/rubbish collectors in the pj’s….lol. Have a wonderful time in Hong Kong. You deserve the trip so enjoy yourself to the max.

  2. Urspo says:

    HOng Kong? Groovy !

  3. Jane & the curly club says:

    They quarantined your post Frogdancer, ridiculous! I hope it’s reinstated soon. Looking forward to hearing your Hong Kong adventures.

  4. andrea says:

    Your comment about the other machines being cheaper than the Thermomix because “they’re not German” made me smile. I am German, and I own a Thermomix. Until I came across your blog (after you posted a comment on Inner Pickle maybe?) I didn’t even know it was being sold elsewhere. I totally agree, it is expensive but I love it and have never had reason to regret spending all that money. Best wishes from Germany (where we are being smothered by a late-winter HEAP of snow! It started snowing late last night and now there are 20 centimeters of fresh snow in my garden. Went out to clear the sidewalk four or so times today…!) Andrea

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