Thermofest Hong Kong!


Remember the view from my window in Hong Kong a couple of posts ago? I was talking with Megan, my room mate, and I had my back to the window. She gasped and I swung around. We were 10 floors up, so this was one big boat!


I didn’t take any “foodie” shots of plates of gourmet food/piled high buffet meals but trust me… there were PLENTY. I don’t think I’ve ever eaten so much or so well in my entire life. I stinted not… I’m almost sure I attained a rolling waddle to my gait by the end of the holiday. Instead, I took ‘touristy’ shots. This was Temple market, where three of us went on the second night. We wandered around and I scored the most comfortable boots in the world for only $20 Australian (haven’t been off my feet since) and a Jimmy Choo bag.


Imagine my luck… finding a genuine Jimmy Choo bag at the market for only $20? There were a lot of them… every second stall seemed to have them. But I know mine is the real deal… it has his name on it, after all.


The first night was when we had to dress up in red and gold and go to a floating restaurant for the first of the feasts. Some teams took the red and gold theme very seriously!


Here’s the restaurant. Aptly named.


We had a day of conferences and then the next day was when we went to Macau. Was it freaky for me to be so excited to be walking on streets with 400 year old cobblestones? I could barely stop looking at them.


How wonderful that they’re in patterns. This was the walkway on the way to a temple site.


The smell of incense was intense.


The Portuguese buildings are the most beautiful things. I loved walking around Macau.


Then we went to this church. Apparently it burned down three times before they gave up in despair and didn’t bother rebuilding. You’d think after a fire or two you’d realise that maybe building the sides and the back of the church in wood wasn’t such a crash-hot idea?


Jacqui (and Jimmy) and I. Jimmy was my constant companion.


Here’s the view from the church steps. Talk about a melange of different styles and historical periods!


Love the shutters.


Look at the balconies! I wanted to go home and roll around in my backyard and enjoy all the space.


A balcony being fully utilised.


It’s all in the little touches, isn’t it?


We went to the Venice casino for lunch. This was in St Mark’s square. We were having a good time.


What the world needs is more fake skies.

After that, we were taken to another casino to see this show. Absolutely amazing. I walked into the theatre and sat doen, glanced at the stage and thought, “Oh, they’ve got the lighting to look like water.” Then I took a second look and realised it WAS water.

The next day was shopping in China (no photos), but I bought up a STORM! We had 2.5 hours in Shengzhen and I didn’t waste a moment. We had to get back to Hong Kong in time to get ready for the Gala dinner. The following photo was my attempt to take a selfie for Facebook. I need instruction on the art, I think.


Look at my pearls!! Love love love them.


Look at my ‘Tiffany’ bracelet in this one…


The next day a group of us took a taxi ride to Stanley market. It was our last day in Hong Kong. I had a grand total of $200HK (aka not very much) left to spend and perilously full suitcases, so I took a solitary walk along the waterfront and enjoyed the gentle sea breeze and the quiet.


Love this photo.

All in all, I had a marvellous time. It’s amazing to think that I’ve only been a consultant for 13 months and I’ve been able to earn a trip overseas like this one. I’d like to thank all my customers who have popped in to read this… without all of you I would never have made it. I’d also like to thank my boys, who stayed Home Alone and kept everyone and everything alive and actually didn’t have a single party (!), and lastly a HUGE thank you to everyone here in this little corner of the blogosphere who have always been so encouraging and lovely.

Roll on next year!

Thermomix recipe: Vanilla Slice

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6 Responses to Thermofest Hong Kong!

  1. Laura Jane says:

    Wow – it looks FAB!!!!
    The house of Dancing water looks incredible – jaw-droppingly spectacular even from the trailer – might put Macau on my must see list!

  2. Catherine says:

    My goodness so much to take it. It all looks amazing and it’s so nice to see what you look like after all this time reading your blog. Love your pearls too – no wonder you were showing them off – they gorgeous.

  3. Deb says:

    Amazing, so pleased you got to make the trip and had such a good time.

  4. Jenb says:

    Thank you for sharing the trip with us.

  5. Bee says:

    That trip sounds AMAZING! Wish I’d been there….. Wait….
    MY Jimmy Choo’s ARE the real thing! Must be because mine cost me $30!

  6. shanegenziuk says:

    Hey is that Jacqueline Bloom in that photo? She’s a third cousin!

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