Ryan18 doesn’t often feature on this blog. He’s a quiet, self-possessed boy who doesn’t cause a ruckus and exists in a pool of tranquility. He’s the child that I forgot to pick up from a friend’s place once when he was a child, because I didn’t realise that he wasn’t at home. There was no clue because he is always so quiet. It wasn’t until I was dishing up dinner that anyone realised…

Here he is dressed for his year 12 formal.


He’s wearing David19’s suit that we bought for his formal last year, though he insisted in a new shirt and tie. Turns out the only tie he liked was in an op shop. They were selling them 4 for $20 so he bagged a bargain. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, they say.


He’s a guitarist and a gamer. (With computer games , not women. At least… not yet…!) As I type I can hear him playing “More Than Words” in his room, one of the songs he has to do for year 12 Music. He’s been learning guitar for over half his life. He loves it.


And then, just for something Different, we had Evan16 going to the last ‘Out of Uniform’ day in a dress. He chickened out though; only wore it during period 1 Theatre Studies and then took it off to reveal the shorts and t-shirt underneath.

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4 Responses to Ryan19

  1. Catherine says:

    Doesn’t Ryan look smart and he was right about the tie. It’s definitely the one…lol. Have to love Evan’s outfit too. Very stylish although I’m disappointed that he didn’t wear it all day. Anyone with guts enough to wear that to school should have been brave enough to wear it all day…roflmol. You have two very handsome boys – they are a credit to you.

  2. Liz says:

    I was excited reading/listening to this post because I actually recognise the song – perhaps I’m not quite as out of touch as I thought…..this is the point where you kindly let me know that its a cover and I probably remember the 30 year old original and I go oh…..

  3. Urspo says:

    these quiet ones are usually plotting and up to no good. count the silverware.

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