Thought I’d better do some gardening.


Yesterday I picked all the tomatoes. I was going to make a pasta-type sauce for dinner but then I made a steamed salmon dish so I threw them into the freezer to pasta another day.


I’ve decided that most of the veggie garden will be put to bed over winter. I know that I won’t have much time to devote to it, so while the daylight hours are short I’ll load the beds up with compost and maure, mulch them and let them do their merry thing and get wonderfully fertile for Spring. That’s the plan, anyway. This wicking bed has a lone pumpkin growing in it. The plant is almost under the eaves, so I’ve decided to leave it over winter and see if anything comes of it. I STILL haven’t managed to grow pumpkin successfully.


There’s something pretty magical about plucking an apple from the tree and eating it as part of your breakfast.


Pomegranate flowers. The branches on this tree are so whippy and thin that I don’t know how they’ll ever hold even one pomegranate up, let alone a tree full.


And I made fudge. I wasn’t happy with the recipe though, as the sugar didn’t melt, so I won’t post it. The boys don’t care… I just called it ‘Crunchy Fudge’ and they’re happy to eat them for a sugar hit.
All in all, a fairly productive first day of the holidays.

Oh! By the way…. finished my Junior Group Leader Challenge. Am now a Group Leader (2 months early.) Onward and upward!

Thermomix recipe: Make your own coconut milk.

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2 Responses to Thought I’d better do some gardening.

  1. Liz says:

    I struggle with pumpkins too – this year I blame the rats but last year it was entirely my fault for growing them in the shade…..

  2. Jenb says:

    I received a mozzarella & ricotta cheese making kit for Christmas this year. It includes rennet and citric acid. Do not be afraid to get more adventurous and try other cheeses. It is so easy! Just imagine having a Caprese salad with basil and tomato’s from your garden.

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