Busy Day?

You Busy?

I was planning to have a day like this, but it hasn’t (yet) panned out that way. I’ve spent far too much time on the computer and so the housework and gardening has been desultory at best. However, I DID manage to pick the last trombone zucchini. (Does that count as gardening?)


This zucchini gave its life so I could make a cake that I tasted yesterday at the Group Leader meeting. A zucchini, walnut and cranberry cake. Apparently gluten-free, though we don’t have to worry about that in this household. It was delicious and I happened to have all the ingredients in the pantry, so it was clearly meant to be. The boys won’t know what hit them!
This cake is delicious. Plus it uses up zucchini, which makes it a very handy recipe indeed.


The only other thing that has any sort of impressive crop on it is the overwintered chilli plant with the too-mild chillies. Maybe I should look for a chilli cake recipe?

Now I’m off to wash my incredibly stinky dogs on this absolutely gorgeous autumn day. Bertie is in the dog bed in the lounge room, peacefully snoring like a drunken sailor. Little does he know what horror awaits…

Thermomix recipe: Zucchini, walnut and cranberry cake. I’d add a few more minutes cooking time than it says in the recipe. I left mine in for 10 more minutes and it was fine.

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3 Responses to Busy Day?

  1. Bee k says:

    Just LOVE that sign!!

  2. Kelly says:

    Hello, cake looks delicious. I’m in the US and haven’t a clue what caster sugar is. I’ve copied the recipe to convert and try tho. Definitely go with the chili pepper cake. I’ve purchased chili pepper cocoa and made cake and wicked good hot cocoa. Can’t be that big a of jump to use your own peppers, esp. for you–you’re so adventurous…….

  3. Urspo says:

    “Zukes” is what I used to call them when I was gardening. They grow like weeds and usually become enormous overnight. THey are related to triffids.

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