You Just Might Be

You know, when it’s the holidays or the weekends I’m filled with great reluctance to get up and go to work. But once I’m here I love it.

Take yesterday, for example. I was walking to school from where I parked the car, because I’m always too late to get a park in the staff car park. I don’t even bother trying anymore. It was raining. I was racing into the school gate, head down, very aware that I had 15 minutes before I’d be in front of a class.

“Morning, Miss Frogdancer!”

A lovely year 10 boy I taught in years 8 and 9 smiled and made way for me at the gate. English wasn’t his favourite subject but we always had a laugh and he tried his best. Suddenly my morning seemed brighter.

I was teaching my year 8s last period and the year 10s got let out early and were at their lockers outside the window. My kids were writing away and all was quiet. Suddenly there’s a knock on the window and half a dozen of my previous year’s Year 9s are nodding, smiling and waving. Silly children..

The best thing about the job are the little things that the kids say that make you laugh. There’s never a class that goes by where we don’t split our sides about something. I really don’t understand people who say that they’re scared of teenagers, or that they’re really hard work. Teenagers are the funniest, sharpest people you’re likely to meet. The joie de vivre that most of them have is an absolute pleasure to be around. Of course, sometimes they do your head in and you have to yell theatrically at them to get them to shut up and concentrate on a task you want them to do, but in general this job is a breeze. How could you not enjoy work where you deal with interesting issues, laugh each and every 48 minutes and where every day is that little bit different than the day before?

So even when I whinge about having to go to work when I’m lolling around, knee-deep in holidays, I know that once I’m back I really love it.

(Even when I’ll be here till 9PM tonight with parent/teacher interviews. I don’t mind P/T interviews, though. You have a good yack about the kids and my dance card is always full – being English – so the night goes quickly. The only things that really get me down are meetings and reports. Still, no job is perfect…)

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3 Responses to School

  1. Dee says:

    Having worked as an Aide I found that some teachers should not be teachers. I know of one teacher who on many occasions would teach a whole lesson without even one smile. Unfortunately she couldn’t understand that there is more than one way to explain maths problems so I knew my son had no hope of passing when he once again got her as a teacher. Where as some teachers have ‘the gift’ which obviously you do.

  2. ginger megs says:

    Wish I had had teachers like you when I was at school (although being considerably older than you seem to be there might have to have been a kink in the space/time continuum somewhere). They sucked the joy out of literature 😦 and it wasn’t until I was in my mid-40s that I returned to do adult VCE, and then launched into tertiary education. I keep thinking that if I had had engaging, interested teachers who loved their job in the olden days then I would have done all this postgrad study 35 years ago and would have had a shot at a decent career.
    Keep the kids laughing, yell when it’s necessary and those kids will remeber you as the one who showed them the joy of language/literature/learning 🙂

  3. Urspo says:

    I am sometimes accused of being a ‘”Grammar Nazi”. However I believe it is not because I like to play ‘Gotcha!” but out of love for the English Language. I love its quirky context and history.

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