Have a look at this film.

This tiny film is just wonderful. Now I feel sorry that I’ve decided to give my garden a rest over winter. Maybe a few spinach and lettuce plants wouldn’t hurt?

For those who are keeping track – I went over to Mum and Dad’s and had the holes drilled in the wicking boxes. I came home and spent a happy hour and a half filling a few of them with soil, worms and plants. I have a wicking box with spinach; another with silver beet and a third with a lemon balm, a Spanish taragon and some sprinkled parsley seeds through it.

Actually, with that last wicking box, I was thinking of putting the saffron bulbs that Bek gave me into it as well.
(She’s probably banging her head on the desk as she reads this, but I’m thinking that I have two perennial plants in the box, so why not put the bulbs in as well? Surely it’d be ok? The most valuable plant crop on the planet paired with the yummiest plants on my front porch? What could go wrong?)

Thermomix recipe: Potato Salad

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2 Responses to Have a look at this film.

  1. Liesel says:

    We are heading into a very busy winter/spring, not enough time for lettuce and tender things like carrots, so I am going to plant out most of the vegie patch to potatoes – ultimate low maintenace vegie garden under straw for the winter. Might tuck a few kale plants in a pot too as they are supposed to be a super food. Easy to chuck in soup and casserole anyway 🙂 But looking at that video I am thinking of fresh snow peas – wonder if they would cover-crop over the potatoes until they got going?

  2. Bek says:

    I’m not banging my head on anything, that sounds completely fine to me. I usually have mine in their own pot, but that hasn’t served me that well this year as I planted them quite late and I don’t think they’ll be flowering. Ah well.

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