Any Minute Now...

Story of my life…
Saw this lovely video  of bees in slow motion. I’d like to have bees one day.
Got to race off. I have a busy day today, where I’m finishing training someone for my team, getting my agenda ready for the team meeting tomorrow, making soap, (yes, that didn’t get done yesterday), planting out some more wicking boxes and mucking out the chook coop. I’m going to put a layer of the chook poo and newspaper in the wicking boxes, so that by the time the plants’ roots get down to that layer it’ll all be fertiliser and glorious for them.
Honestly… the things I do for my herbs!
Thermomix recipe: I was thinking I might make this for the team meeting tomorrow night at my place. (We always cook and eat at our meetings.) Lemon and Lime Tart.
Then again, I might do this one: Clinker Slice This one is doing the rounds on Facebook at the moment and it looks pretty popular.
Then again, I might do something gluten-free if C is coming to the meeting. Decisions, decisions!
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