I made these before school this morning. They’re meant to be made with raw peanuts but all I had in the peanut line was roasted salted peanuts, so I throw in whole hazelnuts instead. Evan4 made nutella a week ago and there were some hazelnuts left over. It’s nice seeing the boys stumble sleepily out of their rooms on the way to the shower and they smell the air scented with cooking biscuit. They lighten up a bit and I feel like a Good Mother. Maybe even a Yummy Mummy, (seeing as it’s chocolate treats I’m making.) Mmmmmm.

Evan4 sent me a text this morning during class, asking me this: “I need you to consent to a Theatre Studies excursion on Friday, fully and completely.”
Up until now a simple “yes” and a signature has been enough…

Molly goes to the vet this afternoon at 4. We went for a walk in the leash-free last night and it was a very sedate affair. I drove them to the park and she and Bertie raced off for a run, but she was soon back. Then we just mosied around the goal posts, watching the people with puppies race all over the park with them. It was nice to have an Elderly Dog Walk, but bittersweet too, remembering how Molly used to look like a millipede as she ran along close to the ground, her legs going 100 miles an hour.
Hopefully the vet will be able to give her something to make her feel better.

Thermomix recipe: Chocolate and Peanut Biscuits. I made these with hazelnuts and called them nutella biscuits. They need more mixing than in the recipe… I used 40 seconds reverse speed 2 once I’d put the hazelnuts in.

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