Skinflint Sunday: Don’t fall in love with your children or your dogs.


Here’s a photo of L’il Molly asleep on my lap. Turns out that she needs heart medication so she’s on tablets that she has to have twice a day. They’re chewable and she loves them, which is a Very Good Thing.


They cost $100 a month. *gasp* That’s $1200 A YEAR!!!!! She’s lucky I like her, that’s all I can say.

I organised all this on Wednesday, then still reeling from the expense of this, I had a chat with David19. He’s doing Music Composition at Box Hill TAFE and so far hasn’t been happy with the level of learning he’s been offered. At 7K a semester, he was thinking that he’d come out after 3 years with a sizeable HELP debt with not much to show for it. He decided a few weeks ago that he’d leave, work full-time for 6 months and then apply to go the the Vic College of the Arts, which has a similar course. He wants to get a big new computer to cope with the software he needs for the music, plus he has to get his car on the road and start to become a grown-up. I wasn’t sure he was doing the right thing, but then again I’m not the one sitting through all the classes while they go at a snail’s pace either. I mentioned his concerns to Widget, who said that he really needs to talk to someone at the TAFE about his concerns, because if they don’t know that the advanced students aren’t happy, the kids will keep leaving and they won’t know why. So he went off to have a chat with one of his lecturers who teaches at both places.

Two days ago we had a conversation. Turns out that he’s in the right course… it’s just that first year is slow and steady and then it REALLY ramps up next year. The lecturer felt that VCA offers a wider range of programs but not in any huge depth, whereas Box Hill offers fewer programs but really drills down deep, which would suit David19 much better. So now he wants to stay. BUT he needs a new whizz-bang Mac computer, a new keyboard and his car on the road.

ARGH! WHY did I have kids? (And dogs?) Don’t they realise I have a goal to get my house paid off by Dec 2014 and then go to the UK to visit Scott and look at castles in term 2 2015??? Oh no…. All they think about is not dying (Molly) and his future career (David19). How selfish can you be???

So yesterday we went to look at Nord keyboards, only to discover there weren’t any around in Melbourne; then we went to the Apple Store in Chadstone, where for a mere 4K he bought a 27″ IMac with a terabyte of something or other, 2 additional sets of RAM for additional I don’t-know-what, a numeric keyboard and a huge ‘Logic’ program, which is confusingly named as it’s actually a music program rather than a Maths/Science one.

He’s a very happy boy. That makes me happy of course, but now I REALLY want him to get a job. I’ve booked Scott’s spare room for term 2 2015 and I want to see the cats.

The moral of the story is that if you want to get rich and be debt-free – live alone; friendless, childless and petless. The time might drag a bit, but you could roll around on your piles of money and make money angels on your lounge room floor.

So now I’m really looking at our outgoings. The reeeeaaalllly long showers that the younger two boys are taking have to stop. Well… not actually stop, because then they’d smell. They just need to get shorter.
More meatless meals.
I’ve let the veggie garden lie fallow this winter, but I’ll be ramping it back up come Spring.
The chooks are annoying. I have 9 gerls but am currently only getting between 1 – 3 eggs a day. It’s a combination of them getting older and winter coming on, as the days get shorter. I’ll have to have a bit of a think about what I do here…

On a brighter note – a year ago I had a waterlogged pot of pineapple sage that I pulled out of the pot and planted under the fig tree in the backyard, the theory being that sage doesn’t like too much water so the large tree would be good competition for it. Well – a year on I harvested LOTS of leaves to dry to make a herbal tea. It worked! It had heaps of bright red flowers and was going great guns. It’ll lose its leaves over winter, I’m assuming, but will pop up again in Spring. I took a photo of it last week when I bought my sheep. (Just scroll down if you don’t remember.) It’s nice when something works and you save a plant that would otherwise have died.

I also got around to making that soap. I did two batches onFriday, however one batch didn’t work. The oils separated and it needed rescuing. So I rebatched it – putting it into the crockpot and melting it all down again until it was a smooth paste. Worked an absolute treat! So I saved the soap as well. I feel like a superhero!

Today I’ll be racing around here in the morning doing various house-wifish, garden-y things, then I’m driving to the other side of town so a customer can fill in the paperwork to get a thermomix on the 12 months interest-free terms. She lives right near my ex sister-in-law (who used to be married to my ex-husband’s brother) so I’ll pop into Deb’s place and have a coffee. She’s a teacher too, and we’ve always got along really well. I haven’t seen her for ages, so it’ll be nice to have a catch-up. Her son came around here a year ago and I taught him how to make soap, so I might throw in a couple of cakes of my soap to give her while I’m there.

Thermomix Recipe/s: Pumpkin and Spinach risotto  I’m making this one tonight, because I’ll need a quick and easy meal to make by the time I get back, and it ticks the “meatless” box perfectly. However, for those who like a bit of protein in their risotto – here’s a Chicken, Pumpkin and Pea risotto. I’ll probably make a blend of the two recipes.. I love peas.

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2 Responses to Skinflint Sunday: Don’t fall in love with your children or your dogs.

  1. scottsabode says:

    Glad Molly’s OK.

  2. Urspo says:

    If this is any help: I am single, never had children and have no $ cares.
    I would trade it all of have had a child.

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