A win for the wicking boxes!

First Graders Know Proverbs

Number 24’s the best one!

I made the pumpkin risotto that I posted last time. It was lovely and oh so easy – though it needs a fair amount of parmesan to make it really sing. Tonight is my night off from cooking – we get the free bread from the bakery and there’s usually lots of pies, pasties and sausage rolls thrown in. What we don’t eat, the chooks and dogs get to eat the next day. They love Wednesday mornings. You should hear Mrs Crankypants go nuts!

Long time readers might remember the rhubarb I brought back from the garden tour we went on 2 years ago. Angelo dug up a rhubarb sprout and carefully put it in a pot for me, then in the car on the way home it tipped over and broke in half. There was a mere nub left. I said a profane word or two, as I recall. Fast forward a year (or two… I can’t remember) and it’s been living in a wicking bed. I haven’t touched it, especially since it died down over winter and I thought it had gone to God, but then it bounced back. Yesterday I pulled off two stalks and stewed them up with an apple. I didn’t share it with the boys because they’re not rhubarb lovers. I tell you… I enjoyed every mouthful. I might harvest another stalk or two before it dies down again, but next year… look out!

Isn’t gardening fun?

Thermomox recipe: Bread Rolls in under an hour

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