Skinflint Sunday: Happy Mothers Day.


Oh. My. Giddy. Aunt.
I’ve been making things to eat all weekend. Honestly, you’d swear I had a pile of correction in the house or something, because I’ve been trying out new recipes like a crazy woman.
This pumpkin bread, for example. I saw the recipe and remembered that I had a pumpkin remnant in the fridge, so in true “Skinflint Sunday” style I decided to make it and see what it was like, while using up the pumpkin. Better us to eat it than the worms in the worm farm, after all!


Here’s what the dough looks like when it’s about to undergo its first resting time.

It’s lovely. It has a slightly sweeter taste than normal bread, due to the pumpkin, with a moist texture reminiscent of sourdough, with a peppery aftertaste that’s just lovely. David19 is the only one who’s home this weekend and he gave it the final seal af approval, devouring nearly a whole loaf, finishing off the last half of it as a midnight snack before bed.


I had a couple of slices of the second loaf for breakfast this morning, while David19 was sleeping in. The other 3 were at their Dad’s place, so the house was quiet.
I decided to make my Mum a loaf of the pumpkin bread and some chilli oil and some jam for Mothers Day. I used some of my own chillies that I’ve been dehydrating. I just crushed them in the thermomix and then kept on going.


Two loaves of sourdough and two more loaves of pumpkin bread, along with the chilli oil and some plum jam that I made in January. I think she and Dad will like it.

I tried a different recipe for the sourdough this time, from this site. It certainly worked with regard to the rising… it was escaping from the bowl:


(Sorry for the photo but it was in the dead of night. I was sleepy.)


Look at the threads of gluten after the sourdough loaves were finally put in the oven. Apparently this is the look I was aiming for. (Who knew?)


Here’s my sourdough starter, bubbling away. I added some rye flour this time, as I still think my sourdough bread doesn’t taste quite “sour-doughy’ enough. I want to ramp it up a little.


Sourdough loaves. Smells amazing…

I’d love to have a system like this in the yard. Ever since Pudgy and Hazel discovered that they could flutter up into my wicking beds, the gerls have been locked in their run with no free-ranging. They miss it and I miss it. I love the idea of harnessing their little scratching energies.

Tom21 is cooking steak for me for dinner tonight. It’s his traditional way of saying Happy Mothers Day.
David19 has given me a voucher for 12 free hours of gardening.
Ryan 18 whas given me a 6 year old bottle of red.

Thermomix recipe: Pumpkin Bread
Bonus recipe: Chilli Oil

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2 Responses to Skinflint Sunday: Happy Mothers Day.

  1. Hi chook – I make pumpkin bread all the time. If there’s a pumpky cheap, I’ll buy it, steam it and freeze the chunks. Then the frozen chunks are ready for the dough anytime. AND… you can sub the pumpky for beetroot (makes a pink loaf!), sweet potato or another veg. 🙂 Now I am hungry….

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