By gum it’s cold.


If they continue to hog all of the heat, this room will NEVER get warm!!!!
What a pig of a day. Freezing. Cold. Nary a hint of tropical delights. I’m afraid winter is finally here.

Though, to be fair, I had a lovely homecoming. I walked into a house where the dishwasher was going, David19 was playing piano in his room and the heater was on. Just The Thing when it’s a miserable freezing cold day. To top it off, I’m on the computer and Evan16 is making dinner. Without me asking. It’s only macaroni cheese, but still….!

Hang on….. I wonder what they want? Or what they’ve done?????????

Thermomix recipe:
I stumbled across this recipe when I was looking for something else. I think I fell in love. I was going to buy pistachios on the way home to make this tonight but once I turned the heater on in the car it was too awful to think of getting out. Tomorrow’s another day, as Scarlett said.
By the way, my Mum gave the pumpkin bread the maternal seal of approval. Make it. Make it!!!

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2 Responses to By gum it’s cold.

  1. scottsabode says:

    Looking at the forecasts it looks like it’s 15 degrees there. FIFTEEN DEGREES! It’s currently eleven in Liverpool and I am in my summer pyjamas and the windows are open to let the lovely spring breeze in…

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