It’s rather nippy this morning!

I Won't Be YOUR Accomplice

Unfortunately I’m not at school today assisting the young folk with their grammar. Two days ago the central heating broke at my place. Due to stupid Vulcan going out of business, the heater will cost a ridiculous amount of money to repair, so I’ve bitten the bullet and decided to replace it. The nice men from the heating company are doing it this morning, hence my at-homedness. I’m sitting here with woolly layers of clothes on and a beanie on my head that I knitted a couple of years ago before I realised that my head just doesn’t look all that attractive with a beanie on top of it. But at this point in time I don’t care. I’m freezing my proverbials off.

To add insult to injury, it looks as if when the heater broke, it took the evap cooling out with it. The heating-guy thinks that it was a power surge. So 9K later here I am, sitting here in my beanie knitted with merino wool from Peru and hoping that RACV will do the right thing and let me claim it on my house and contents insurance.

The amazing thing is that last year I read a paragraph in the paper about 140 houses in Mornington having a power surge and lots of them caught on fire. As dramatic as that sounds, it’s something I could definitely live without. It was about time to renew my policy, so I decided to add this to it. Now I’m very glad I did.

At least I can get a lot of little things done today!

Thermomix recipe: Jamie Oliver’s Pizza Bases.




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One Response to It’s rather nippy this morning!

  1. flirby says:

    power surge? perhaps you should check with your insurance company as you may be covered

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