Mystery read.

Go on a Date With a Book!

How great would this be?

The year 7s and 8s are doing wide reading assignments at the moment… how much fun would it be to have them select a book like this and have them read it?

Thermomix recipe: Date and Ginger Oat cookies For the healthy ones among us!

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2 Responses to Mystery read.

  1. nicole says:

    But I like my fluffy pink novels and I buy them, of course, based on their pretty covers!

    Literature is different, of course! But Literature used to be published by penguin and came in orange covers… Or, if you’re german like me, they used to be “Reclam Heftchen” and they’re tiny and flimsy (think bible paper) and yellow. And if you’re someone who likes things to be visually pleasing those books were a serious hurdle you had to overcome before you could actually like the book….

  2. Urspo says:

    Yes, covers do a lot to attract or turn away. The proverbial don’t judge a book by its cover. I am curious to see how we choose books when there are less of them to wit downloaded books with merely titles and descriptions. What a paradigm change !

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