It’s not the nail.

This was the first thing I saw when I woke up this morning.

I had the afternoon off today. I left work and it was raining. So I swung by the supermarket and bought the fixin’s for tomorrow morning’s demo, then came home and switched on the heater and read the rest of the last L.M. Montgomery novel she ever wrote, “The Blythes Are Quoted.” Then I made a few phone calls and cuddled the cat. A perfect end to the day would be never having to set foot outside till I leave for the demo tomorrow, but Ryan18 has a guitar lesson at 5.30 and the chooks need more pellets so I’ll have to drag myself out into the cold again. (Hmmm… maybe a quick nanna nap might be in order before I leave?)

Thermomix Recipe: Risotto Arrabbiata (or Ham and Tomato risotto)
I made this before my team meeting on Monday night and the boys DEVOURED it. There was a smidgeon left in the thermoserver so I had it for lunch the next day. So good. I made mine with 280g ham instead of the bacon, because that’s what I had in the freezer from the Christmas hams I cut up and freeze every January.

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2 Responses to It’s not the nail.

  1. Hi Frogdancer, Where did you find that L M Montgomery book – never heardc if it. Is it any good?

    • Frogdancer says:

      ‘The Blythes Are Quoted’ is really only good for its curiosity value. I just finished reading ‘The Blue Castle’ by the same author that I downloaded onto my ipad after someone on Facebook commented about it. I enjoyed that one a lot more.

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