Get out the red pens and calculators! It’s exam time!

The Sharpest and Most Unused

Given this, I must look like something the cat’s dragged in. Exam time. Reports time. The business is hotting up. It’s all go! go! go!

Not that I’m complaining. Life’s pretty interesting when it’s busy.

My year 9 classes had their exam yesterday so I settled down at my desk after lunch to start ploughing through them. Exam marking can be pretty tedious but the upside is that every now and then someone will write something that makes you laugh. Imagine a roomful of teachers quietly reading exam papers, pens in hands ticking/crossing/writing spelling corrections in total silence… then every now and then someone will give a guffaw or a chuckle and then share.

My contribution? The year 9s had to analyse a piece of persuasive writing and one of the earliest tasks on the exam was to correctly identify which sort of persuasive writing it was. According to one of my students, it was a letter to the auditor.

(Well, as one of my colleagues said when I read it aloud, “It IS tax time!!”)

This Truck Understands the Most Relaxing Part of Any Day

This made me LOL. I love a good pun.

Thermomix recipe: Chicken and Pumpkin salad with Chickpeas. This has been sitting in my favourites for over 6 months waiting for me to try it. Tonight’s the night!

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