Silence is golden, apparently.

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I’ve been mute for 3 days so far. Out of the blue laryngitis has struck and I can’t get above a whisper.

My children have been most supportive.

“Mum, I’m going out tonight,” said Evan16 on Saturday afternoon. “Yell if it’s not ok…”

“My, the house is so nice and quiet,” observed Tom21 on Saturday morning. A little later on he was talking to me, then said, “I love this. I can talk at you and you have to listen. You can’t say a thing to disagree with me.”

I had to get Viktoria, one of my team, to do a demo for a woman I work with, while I just sat there and nodded as she spoke. On Sunday I was meant to teach a class of new consultants, but I had to get another group leader to do it. Again, I just sat and nodded as she spoke, occasionally springing up to write something on the white board if I felt it needed saying. Or writing.

I feel perfectly fine. I went to the doctor and she said it was nothing but laryngitis and I’d simply have to wait for my voice to come back. I cough now and then, but other than that you wouldn’t notice anything different, apart from the extreme lack of conversation.

I was in two minds as to whether I should go to work, but I didn’t know how long this would last and I’d scheduled two out of my five periods as film classes anyway, so I went along hoping for the best. With each class I’d walk up to the room. Kids would say, “Hi Ms Frogdancer,:”and I’d nod and smile. Then, once we were in, I’d write on the board, “I have totally lost my voice. We’ll mark the roll with you calling out your names in order of the roll, then we’ll start the class.”

I was pretty amazed. Even my year 9 class, who are normally pretty ratty, were fantastically well behaved. Everyone kept the noise down and did as they were told. I tell you, I teach at a fabulous school. The kids are wonderful. (And I’m not just saying this because my kids also go here!)

I’m here now at 5PM, sipping from a medicinal glass of red and wondering when I’ll be able to talk again. In some ways it’s been nice to be silent, but when someone says something and I have THE BEST witty comeback to say, it’s killing me to have to swallow it and say nothing.

Learn from my misfortune. Go to a loved one and say something funny. Do it while you still can…

Thermomix recipes: Capsicum sorbet and Basil Sorbet One of the newer consultants in our branch is from France and she went back there recently for a quick holiday. While she was there she atended a cooking class and saw how to make these these. I haven’t yet tasted the capsicum one, as I was so busy serving that it all went before I could try it, but I had two lots of the basil one. OMG. So good. I love basil.

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One Response to Silence is golden, apparently.

  1. Liz says:

    I reckon they’d be a few in my household who would prefer I had laryngitis. Hope it resolves itself soon.

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