The next Challenge to work towards!

People may recall how I earned a free trip to Hong Kong recently through my thermomix business. This film clip is where the seminar will be held next year. OMG!!! We get to go on a safari and an early morning hot air balloon ride. (Not to mention the opulence.) I’ve decided that I should have a crack at it again this year… after all, it’d be rude not to, seeing as they’ve gone to so much trouble to organise it. I’m all about the simplicity and frugality, but I figure I should go and do some market research for the rest of you to see if this place is really worth going to. The difference this year is that now I’m a Group Leader rather than a consultant, the qualifications are a combination of growing my branch and doing personal activity. That’s a bit scary… I can control my personal work, but the group stuff is slightly outside my control. Still – fingers crossed it’ll all come together. Thermomix did such a great job with Hong Kong that I’m keen to see what they’ll do for us in South Africa. It should be AMAZING.

In other, less exciting news Hazel the chook died yesterday. I came home from work to find her with her toes turned up outside in the run. Next week is the school holidays, so I’ll drive to Emerald and pick up some more chookies I think.
Here’s a photo of Hazel in happier days, perched on top of a bin filled with fruit-shop leftovers. Even given her end, she had a much better life than a battery hen. David19 was actually happy to hear that she’d died. Apparently every time he was sent to the run to get the eggs, Hazel would have a go at him.
“Rubbish!” I said. “She was very gentle.”
“Yeah Mum, but you’re the rooster!” he said. “They’re not going to try attacking you!”

I don’t mind telling you that I can’t wait for the school holidays to start. My voice is about 80% back, but I still have a husky, sexy tone that is totally unlike my usual budgie-like voice. I can’t make up my mind if this is a good thing or not.

This morning I had my year 7s for English period 1. We did a spelling bee and then when we finished one of the kids noticed that the Geography class across the hall was watching “Finding Nemo’. These classrooms have floor to ceiling glass doors so you’re on constant display to everyone else on the floor. The other class were engrossed in the video.
“Hey, you know what would be fun?” I said. “Let’s leave the classroom IN SILENCE, double back and sneak onto the floor outside their class and see how long they take to notice us.”
This is the sort of thing you can only do if:
A) You’ve finished all the work you have to do for the term.
B) You have nothing that you desperately want to do with the class yourself.
C) You are friends with the other teacher concerned. Some people are very prickly and you wouldn’t want to risk it.
D) It’s the end of term and you want a bit of fun.
The kids were up for it, so we left the room, went half way up the hall and doubled back. The front boys suddenly dived on their bellies and commando-crawled to the class, so everyone else followed suit. One small boy saw us, smiled but said nothing. We sat on the carpet and waited.
Five minutes later the other teacher glanced around and started laughing. She waved us in, so we piled into her room and they watched the movie. Personally, I’m not a fan of ‘Finding Nemo.” I could live quite happily without ever seeing it again, but for some inexplicable reason kids love it. I might cave and let them watch the end of it in the last class of the semester. They’re a lovely bunch of kids and they deserve a treat. I can always retreat to the happy place inside my head while they’re viewing it.

Evan16 is away in Tassie this week. This morning I received a text from him asking me why he was the only one buying up big at the Cadbury factory. I replied that it was because he was buying lots of presents for his mother.
“Precisely,” was the reply. (I doubt there’ll be anything left by the time he gets back.)

I’m looking forward to a mix of relaxation and busy-ness in the holidays. I have lots of seed planting I need to do with tomatoes and the like, while I’m slowly booking demos during the day (because I can – not working has its perks!) We might pop up to Inverloch for a couple of days to get away from Melbourne and I have a few books I want to read. Ahhhh holidays…. how I love thee!

Thermomix recipe:Beef Stir-fry This is a video so you can see exactly how easy it is. I saw her do this in a class I attended last year and it was absolutely delicious.

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3 Responses to The next Challenge to work towards!

  1. foodnstuff says:

    Poor Hazel. She was so pretty. I tossed up between wyandottes and barnevelders and settled on the barnies, but still like the wyandotte. Maybe the fox attack caused some sort of delayed stress reaction.

  2. Liz says:

    I like Finding Nemo, or should I say I find it less annoying than the majority of kids films we own. Sadly though it scares Miss 6 so she refuses to watch anything more interesting than a variety of Barbie movies…

    • Frogdancer says:

      Barbie movies are something we’ve never had to watch in this house!!I was going to reply to your blog post on cabbages, but I couldn’t remember the name of the red cabbages I bought in a punnet that did really well. Red Savoy keeps coming to mind, but I don’t think that’s accurate. Frogdancer

      > Date: Sat, 29 Jun 2013 11:51:50 +0000 > To: >

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