It's Spelled Australia!

July 1. The start of a new financial year and the beginning on Thermofest qualifications. Also… more importantly at this minute… it’s the start of the holidays. I spent Saturday training a new crop of consultants and Sunday reading ‘Emily of New Moon’ for much of the day and eating white chocolate that Evan16 brought back from his school camp in Tasmania and generally lolling around and WASTING the day. (Gee it was nice though!) But today: Back Into It! The weather looks a bit grey and rainy so I might do some neglected jobs around the house. I worked out that if I did one of these a day, by the end of the holidays this place would be running like clockwork. At some stage these holidays I want to get my tomato seeds planted and the garden beds in the ground weeded, mulched and ready for Spring. On some levels I’ve enjoyed not having the garden to fuss over, but I’ve missed it too, especially when I read what other people are doing. Still, I haven’t been totally idle:


When I delivered Yvonne’s thermomix to her, we had a seed swap as well. I planted some daikon radish and the freckle lettuce straight into a wicking box. I covered the box with Gladwrap to make a mini greenhouse (you can still see some of the leftover wrap on the bottom right) and left it in place until I saw some growth appearing. The radish have all come up but there’s only a couple of the lettuce. I figure I can use the radishes in my veggie stock concentrate and they’ll add a nice depth of flavour.

When I finish here I’ll be jumping in the car and going to Aldi. We’re down to the last roll of toilet paper and the last packet of Weet Bix – clearly a sign that shopping must be done.



I finished ‘Wool’ a couple of days ago. A post apocalyptic novel that I really enjoyed. I have the prequel on my ipad but I have to get through the ‘Emily’ books first. My life is filled with first world problems such as this.

Thermomix recipe: Red Velvet Cake (colour free) I was going to put another recipe up, but this popped up on my Google Reader feed, soon to vanish, so I thought I’d post it here to make sure it doesn’t get lost. *waves to Fiona* (We met at the gala dinner in Hong Kong for Thermofest ’13.)  

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