Fun with Meatloaf.

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Well, it’s 5AM and I’m wide awake because I’m running a cooking class tonight with a new menu. I’ve told my team not to prepare any of the food… I’LL do it so I’ll be prepared. Naturally, this means I’m an idiot. My eyes popped open at 3AM and I started running through all I have to do today. *sigh*

One thing about being prepared is that I had to learn how to do the meatloaf recipe. It’s one of the main dishes in the varoma class (the varoma is the steamer that you sit on top to steam and do layered cooking) so rather than bumble through the class making it for the first time, I rather intelligently thought I’d better practice it first. I had a chat with one of my customers who’d already been to a varoma class and then made it herself the next night, then two weeks ago made my first one.

The boys were beside themselves. This isn’t just your common meatloaf… this is meatloaf made by mincing rump or topside in the thermomix first, then stuffing it with ham and cheese, then wrapping it in prosciutto. It’s meat on meat on meat. Their carnivorous little hearts were filled with joy. You then whack it in the varoma, plonk the mixings for a tomato sauce in the bowl and cook the two together. Sauce in the bottom, meatloaf surrounded by potatoes and carrots on the top. (You need the sauce because the colour of the meatloaf isn’t brown, as it would be if it was baked in the oven.) I made it totally to the recipe the first time and the boys were delighted. Then I gave it a rest for a couple of weeks before making it two nights in a row just before the class.

I was going to make it Sunday night. I told the boys early in the day, but as the day wore on I couldn’t be bothered going to the supermarket to get the ingredients I was lacking, so just before dinner time I pulled the pin and announced we were making pizzas instead. Boys like pizza, right?

“But Muuum!” said David19. “We love that meatloaf. Tom21 and I talked about it for a week!” 

Monday night I made it and tweaked the recipe. Instead of just adding rosemary and garlic to the minced rump, I went all Scarborough Fair and added parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme. I popped some roasted capsicum slices in with the cheese and ham. Instead of mozzarella I added edam. The sauce was really thick the first time I made it, so I halved the sweet potato in it to make it a bit thinner. To save some $$$, I didn’t wrap it with prosciutto. I figured they wouldn’t notice and I was right.

When the thermomix beeped, the boys were in the kitchen, hooting with joy. Tom21 is working at his father’s shop in the uni break, but he made a special trip home. They devoured it, agreeing that it was even better the second time. There was oodles of sauce left over, so I kept it in the thermomix bowl and put it in the fridge to use the next night. (The first time I made the meatloaf, I used the leftover sauce in a tuna pasta recipe the following night.)

Last night I Scarborough Faired the meatloaf again. I added more wine and another tin of tomatoes to the sauce to make sure there was lots of liquid in it for steaming and then assembled the meatloaf and set it all steaming again. I also added frozen peas to the veggies around the meatloaf to see if it would work. I need to have things to talk about while I’m cooking this in front of a roomful of people!

Everyone loved it again, with the only criticism coming from Ryan18 who thought that the sauce was a little bit too thin this time. Personally, I liked the consistency and thought it was more flavoursome the second night. I made it with only occasional glances at the recipe, so I feel I’m good to go. It’s the first item on the menu so I feel we’ll be off to a good start.

Haven’t practiced the green smoothie though… Guess what the boys will have for breakfast when they get up at 10 or 11?

Thermomix recipe: Making your own washing powder

The meatloaf recipe is in the EDC – the cookbook that comes with every thermomix – so I thought I’d throw this recipe in instead. 🙂

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