Tom21 had an interesting few days.

Anti-Helicopter Parenting
The title on Failblog is ‘anti-helicopter parenting.’ This tickled my funny bone.

Speaking of parenting, Tom 21 has had an interesting few days. He was on his way to a party in the hills in the middle of a storm when his tyre blew. He did a 360 and narrowly avoided hitting the trees. Discovering that he was out of phone range, he spent a wet and cold half hour changing the tyre. undeterred, he set off again, along those windy two lane roads that scare the proverbial out of you even on a sunny day in mid-summer. Then, as the day got darker and the storm got wilder, a tree fell across the road in front of him. That was enough. He turned back.

At first he went to his Dad’s place because it was closer and Evan16 was there, but when he washed his hands and dried them with one of Viv’s good hand towels and left grease all over it, his mood dropped further and I got a phone call asking me if he came home that night was it possible for us to watch ‘The Newsroom’. (Excellent show, by the way.)

Because he was at my place on Monday, we sent the car to my mechanic to be fixed. He broke a taillight and it needed a service and 4 new tyres, among other things, so we dropped it off. It was ready on Tuesday night to be picked up. When he got home on Tuesday night he said to me, “The car doesn’t get out of first gear. I’ll have to take it back tomorrow.”

The next morning it was cold. He was driving at 40km/hr back to the mechanic. It was foggy. He got there and they popped the bonnet. Then, in his words, “Mum, it’s kind of scary when mechanics start running away from your car, yelling, “There’s flames! It’s on fire!”

His Facebook status after this event was simply, “I think the universe is trying to kill me.”

Turns out that when they fixed the leaky transmission (whatever that is), they didn’t put the cover on properly, so it leaked oil and it caught alight. Oops. My car’s in there for a service even as I type. I’m not sure if this shows a touching faith in human nature or if it’s blinding stupidity.

Seeing as I’m marooned at home for much of the day, I’ll be potting up seeds and making those wicking boxes. You know, the ones I was convinced I’d make at the beginning of the holidays…? The end of holidays jitters are already starting to surface. So much to do! So little time! And only one episode of Dr Phil to wallow in before I go back… (I’m doing a demo here tomorrow for a mix of people from work and some friends I’ve known for decades, so Friday’s Dr Phil is out. I know… the sacrifices I make….)

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2 Responses to Tom21 had an interesting few days.

  1. Isabelle says:

    Goodness. That sounds somewhat alarming! Glad he wasn’t hurt.

  2. Urspo says:

    Not being blessed with adolescents I can only imagine what parents must go through wondering what their loose cannon children are doing.

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