No picture, sorry

Normally I wouldn’t write my blog in school hours but I have no correction, I’m in front of someone else’s class and they’re working well and I have very little to do. All my lesson prep is done and so I thought… I do lots of teacher-work in my off- school hours, so what difference would a little blog post do IN school hours? So here I am.

Now I have no idea what I’m going to write. Typical!

The holidays went by slowly at the time, but now they seem like a swift dream. I think I needed to relax and not do much, which is fortunate because that’s certainly what happened. Dr Phil had a fine crop of crazies on his show during those two weeks, so Evan16, Ryan18 and I curled up on the couch and watched, cementing the bonds between mother and sons. Tom21 introduced me to ‘The Newsroom’, which we devoured within 3 days, while ‘Dexter’ reappeared, which is another show that Evan16 and I like to watch together. I polished off ‘Wool’ on my ipad and am now deep into ‘Wool 2’. Incidentally, I’m loving reading books on my ipad. I resisted it for years, but it’s SO comfy to read in bed. I have an ipad mini, so it doesn’t get heavy.

On the last day of the holidays I finished off assembling the wicking boxes on my front verandah. I’ve piled straw on top of them and I’m leaving planting them till late Spring. I’ve put worms in there, as I like all my wicking beds/boxes to be working worm farms as well (free fertiliser) and there’s a layer of chook bedding in there that has to break down a bit. I still haven’t planted any seeds but I have no demos till the weekend so there’s still time.

Something I was REALLY happy about was the re-emergence of the warrigal greens. This is a native spinach that runs rampant so you have greens coming out your ears. I was given a tiny seedling when I went on a Permaculture Melbourne garden tour and I popped it in the right hand garden bed. It went nuts! The great thing was that I didn’t have to buy spinach for demos and I could fill us up on warrigal greens that cost me nothing. Then, at the peak of summer, it all died. I was upset. And disgusted. I was assured that once you put warrigal greens in the ground you have them forever. I was so convinced that it was gone for good that I even let the chooks into that veggie bed to scratch over the ground and get rid of weeds. I figured I could find another plant somewhere or other. But it’s back!! It’s covering the ground like a carpet of edible goodness. Sometimes food gardening is incredibly rewarding.

I’m seriously considering buying one of those little portable greenhouses. I have to get organised about successive sowing, so this would be a way to keep plants moving through.

With regard to my overall goal of becoming totally debt-free by the time Evan16 finished secondary school in 16 months…. I’m closer!! I crashed through another ‘000’ barrier so now I’m in the 30’s. Considering I reached a mortgage of 200K when I was renovating the bathroom and kitchen, I haven’t done too badly. We bought this house when Evan16 was 6 weeks old, so I like the symmetry of getting rid of the mortgage by the time he finishes school. The boys are on board and know the goal, so we celebrate every time another grand is taken from the principal. It’s funny. When I started the renos the mortgage seemed so big and ever-present. Now I can smell the blood and I’m closing in on it. It seems so tiny and frail now and I know I’m going to rip it apart. (Am I watching too much ‘Walking Dead’…?) The thermomix business has made a big difference to my time frame, so I’m confident that I’ll be able to obliterate the mortgage and save enough money to pop over to the UK and see Scott and the cats and castles and old historical stuff in 2015. Very exciting times in the Frogdancer household!! This is a very long-held goal and I can’t wait to see it finally draw to a close.

Anyway, the bell is about to ring so I’ll finish. This afternoon I’ll be watching ‘The Outsiders’ with my year 8ESL class. We’re studying the novel, which I’m so happy about. I loved this book when I was their age.

Thermomix recipe: Whatever biscuits.

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2 Responses to No picture, sorry

  1. Reading The Outsiders with my 8th graders was one of my favorite parts of each year! The book has definitely held up well over time. 🙂

  2. Louise says:

    I’ve just done at day at canteen and don’t know how teachers do the job you do and they are quiet enough that you can think!! If you are talking about the portable greenhouses that you get at the cheapie shops they are great. I have one and they work really well. I planted seeds last Saturday and they are poking through already. I keep mine out of direct sunlight as it got to hot even in winter. The only thing I would suggest though is tie it down somehow or I put a couple of bricks on the bottom self because one windy day it got blown over. Of course it had to be when the seedlings were ready to be planted and totally ruined them.

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