Fun with Spaghetti.


This is a photo I took of our dinner last night. I got the recipe from a free thermomix app on itunes… ‘Thermomix Lite”, which is like a teaser for their $8 app with hundreds of recipes. I haven’t shelled out the $8 yet, so thought that after 6 months of sitting on my phone unnused, I should try one of the recipes. (Plus, I’ve started a Facebook group for my customers and this would be a good way of letting people know about the apps available on itunes.)
Spaghetti carbonara. With no cream and long spaghetti. I substituted a lot of the ingredients, because I’m a free-wheeling cook at the best of times and I wasn’t going to race off to the supermarket just to pick up a couple of things.  So the parmesan and pecorino became just plain parmesan; the shallot became a brown onion; the bacon chunks became chopped up ham slices and the 3 eggs and one egg yolk became 4 eggs. (Seriously…. was I going to waste an egg white? Buffy, Lady Grey and the others worked hard on those eggs.) I also went out to the front garden and cut a handful of parsley to add to it at the end.
It was easy to make, but the BEST part was cooking the long spaghetti in the thermomix. I’ve seen it done on a youtube clip but I’ve never done it myself. It’s fun. You just get the water to boiling point, then stick your pasta through the lid. It sticks up, of course, going round and round with the blades on REVERSE. Then, as the bottom ends get softer, the pasta gradually drops down and down into the bowl and out of sight. After 10 minutes you have perfectly cooked pasta that’s really easy to get out of the bowl and dinner, as they say, is served!
Thermomix recipe: Spaghetti Carbonara. This was the clip I saw with the long spaghetti cooking. Turns out he’s also using the same recipe I did.
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