Skinflint Sunday #2: Grow your own people so they can help you.

Self seeded mustard growing in the shady spot next to the chook pen. I use this a lot in my veggie stock paste. I was given this plant from one of the gardening club members and planted it in a wicking bed. When it went to seed and got covered with aphids I pulled it out and threw it here, thinking it would be mulch. Very pleased to see what’s happened. When this lot go to seed I’ll bend the plants back so they drop their seed in the back, so next year I’ll have a full bed of mustard. I’m rapt! A plant we can eat, which also fills up a bare spot in the garden that can be seen from my kitchen window. I love multitasking.

I went to Masters hardware store instead of Bunnings and it was deserted. I kept thinking about a greenhouse after I blogged about it this morning and I knew it was now or never. I was in and out so quickly, because there were so many staff bored out of their minds and just wanting to help. It was fabulous. I came home so excited!


I bought two things that were definite Projects. The one that was the easiest was the little greenhouse. One day I’d like to get a big proper one but for the moment this one will do me fine. When I got home I called out the youngest two boys and they assembled it for me. My spacial sense is a little lacking and they whipped it together in no time. I spent the rest of the afternoon ignoring the calls of thermomix paperwork, housework and laundry and potted up lots of seeds instead. I now have 3 kinds of kale (9 pots), 7 kinds of tomatoes (40 pots), celery and bok choy sitting in the greenhouse. I feel like a gardener again!


However this is the one I’m VERY excited about. I’ve been thinking about doing this for 2 years and thought it would be too hard. But 10 minutes with David19 and a handsaw and spade and it was all done and in the ground. So what is it?
It’s a dog poo worm feeder!
All the dog poo gets put in here (except for a few days after they’ve been wormed) and the worms will come and eat it, fertilising the fruit trees as they go. It’s a brilliant idea… if I do say so myself. We’re utilising a previously wasted resource and our trees will love it. You can’t use pet waste on veggies, but things like trees and shrubs are fine. The worms will be attracted to the site, which improves the soil, so all up I think I’m a genius. David19 sawed the bottom third of the bin off, then he dug a hole and put the bin in the ground with just a couple of inches of it above the ground. I don’t want to cook any worms in the middle of summer, so the ground will insulate everything.
I thought this would be a really difficult job so I didn’t do anything about it for 2 years. It was only on a whim I bought the bin today and brought it home. I’m kicking myself that I didn’t do it earlier but I’m still very happy that I did it at all. It’s the little things in life, people…


It’s right by the chook pen so they were very interested.

Thermomix recipe: Steamed Jam puddings. Too easy!

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