Skinflint Sunday: What to do with old gumboots.

funny fun humor dogs scluptures made from stuff in water pics images photos pictures 600x Funny Dog Sculptures Made From Gumboots [Funny Creativity]

How creative! Makes me wish I had a few old pairs of gumboots.

There has been a sourdough tragedy in the Frogdancer household. A few days ago, just after I made an amazing chia and sourdough loaf that Yvonne The Blogreader put me onto, I discovered an ant plague in the onion and dog food cupboard. The door was black with them. Ugh! I sprayed them but had to leave for work so I asked David19 to clean it all up. He certainly did…. throwing out my sourdough starter for good measure. I’d had that thing going for 7 months!!! He’s lucky I’m pretty fond of him otherwise he’d be out on his ear. The interesting thing is that Yvonne The Blogreader has offered to try drying her sourdough starter and posting me some. I’m really keen to see if this will work, both from a curiosity standpoint and from a greedy one. Her sourdough bread is absolutely delicious.

My friend Karen works in the Science dept at work and she says that in term 4 the school is going to get some chicks as a science experiment for the year 7s. They measure, weigh them and generally poke and prod them (in a humane way) for 3 weeks and then they can come home to hers and my places. Yay!! I’ve put in a request for black chooks. (If white leghorns lay white eggs; Isa Browns lay brown eggs and lavender araucanas lay blue eggs…. then logically black chooks will lay black eggs….heh heh) Currently I’m only getting one or two eggs a day, which isn’t at all sufficient for our needs. When a boy wants some fried eggs, he’ll cook 3 or 4 at a time. Add another boy or two into that equation and you can see we need a lot of eggs.


This is an experiment. I saw this recipe on Simple Savings and thought I’d give it a go. (It isn’t a thermomix recipe so anyone can do it.)

Refrigerator Jam
1 punnet strawberries
1 Tsp chia seeds
1 Tbsp water
Honey/Stevia/Maple syrup etc to taste. (I used honey.)

Just mix it all in together, pop into a jar and leave overnight in the fridge.
I speed 6ed mine for 10 seconds, as I wanted it to form a jelly-like consistency as I think that’s what the boys would like best. Still, you have the control over what you want, so blend it, mash it with a fork – whatever floats your boat.
Now here’s the bonus for thermomix owners.
After you finish putting the jam into a jar, don’t wash the bowl. Instead, make your breakfast CADA in it. You get the added tang of the strawberries, plus it goes a little bit pink. It’s yum! Plus it then makes the bowl a hellava lot easier to clean! Just a simple rinse out with water.

Today I have the whole day to myself. Yvonne The Blogreader sent me some heirloom tomato seeds so today’s the day to get them planted. Last year I planted way too late and didn’t have many tomatoes at all. Do I go to Bunnings and treat myself to a mini greenhouse???? I know just where I’d put it and I have the bricks to weigh it down….

Thermomix recipe: Quince paste I’ve never made quince paste but this is getting rave reviews on FB so I thought I’d share it.

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