Cake Decorating expo. Who knew such events existed?



I’m going to be HERE for the next three days. (Except for this afternoon when I’ll be off teaching the year 7s on my half day.)

We’ll be making ganache, fondant, royal icing and lots of other baking bits and bobs to put the thermomix through its paces. Apparently we’re opposite where the Great Australian Bake-Off tv show stand is. (Now I wish I’d watched more of it… I have no idea who anyone is.)

No time! No time! I still have to make the protein balls but I need to go and buy some almond milk. Should have made it but I was at the school watching Evan16 sing, dance and be hilarious in ‘Zombie Prom’ last night.

Got to go!!!!

Thermomix recipe: Almond Milk (Should’ve done this yesterday when I first saw it!)

Rhubarb Crumble Cake

Italian Hazelnut Cookies

That’s enough for the baking theme today! Argh! Got to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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2 Responses to Cake Decorating expo. Who knew such events existed?

  1. Urspo says:

    Have fun and good luck!

    I am constantly learning things from you, although you probably don’t realize it. Last week I learned ‘slag” (now one of my favorites!) and this week I learn there really IS a Bake-off! Once upon a time I heard a line in a movie “Listen to the two of you, you sound like two slags in the Bake-off contest”. I get it now!

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