Fondant brings people together.

(This is a photo I filched from the internet.)

Wow! What an action-packed three days I had. Not being a cake decorator myself, I had no idea what intricacies and equipment was involved in the creations these (mainly) women make. It was like a peep into another world parallel to our own.

These people certainly love their fondant. Apparently it’s pretty expensive to buy, so when Alison was saying that she was able to make 88g of fondant for $3.50 in 5 minutes, their eyes would light up and at every fondant making demo there’d be people crowded 5 and 6 deep in front of our booth, watching how easy it was. Al and Jess were also demonstrating royal icing, buttercream icing (so yum!) and custard. Because we were the only non-speciality cake decorating stand there, we were very popular. The husbands and kids were especially appreciative.

On the Sunday we were given the chance to use the central demonstration area for 50 minutes. Rather than do cake stuff, we decided to be a point of difference, so I made soft serve berry icecream, soup, lemon and coconut steamed puddings, a dip, beetroot salad, buttercream icing and CADA. All in 50 minutes and all to feed around 60-odd people.  Uma and I loved it… it’s like mother’s milk to us. (For newer readers, Uma is my thermomix. Uma Therm-omix-an…) Alison and her husband were in the kitchen nearby serving up the food in little cups and trays and passing them around, while meanwhile on the booth we had Jess and Melora talking to people and getting them to fill in demo requests. It worked really well.

I’d never made the icing before, but as I said to the crowd, “If you can read and follow directions, things work out every time because it’s a machine… it doesn’t forget or get bored; it just does the same thing every time so the results are consistent.”Then, after I made the icing, we had a women who decorates the most amazing cupcakes come up, put my buttercream icing in a piping bag and show the crowd how to use it and how perfect the thermomix icing is to use. Win/win!

Three days is a long time to be switched on and constantly talking to the General Public. After the third day we packed up, then I went home via the home of a terrific woman who’s training to be on our team. When I got home I had a glass or two of red and was at one with the couch. *sigh*

Thermomix recipe: Fondant Alison says that there’s a lot of helpful hints in the comments

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2 Responses to Fondant brings people together.

  1. Ellen says:

    That must have been a fun/hard work few days. As you say, a parallel universe, but always so interesting to take a peek. I hope your stand did well.

    I hope Evan enjoyed the ‘Zombie Prom’ – what a great idea – and puts a whole new slant on buying a prom dress.

  2. Ellen says:

    (…not that Evan would be wearing a dress, of course.)

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