Skinflint Sunday: Loving the Greenhouse.


Two weeks on and the seedlings have sprouted. Obviously a couple of the kale and tomato seeds weren’t viable, but everything else has come on. I thought that the celery seeds were useless, but decided to give them another week. This morning I saw:

I’m going to have to plant some more, but at least I should get something!

I used paper labels on all those seeds I planted, which has now alerted me to something. I think a slug or snail has found its devilish way in there.
Snail pellets will be popped in at the bottom and up the top before I go to bed tonight.

Just on the other side of the gate is a clump of predominately wicking boxes, which so far seem to be chugging along nicely. Parsley, spring onions, rhubarb, garlic, rosemary, silver beet and saffron bulbs are growing here on the north side of the house in a sunny corner.

This wicking box on the front verandah holds the daikon radishes, with 3 red freckle lettuces (somewhere) and I popped 3 sage seedlings in at the back.

Here they are. After a week they’re still holding their own.

This wicking box has an olive plant, a rosemary that I heavily trimmed to use in a demo for pizza and some garlic. So far they all co-exist quite happily.

Tomorrow…. growing mint in wicking boxes.

Thermomix Recipe: Steamed Prawn and Chicken dumplings  Bought some wonton and dumpling wrappers a few days ago so these are on the menu this week!

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2 Responses to Skinflint Sunday: Loving the Greenhouse.

  1. Urspo says:

    I used to have a greenhouse, but living where I do there is no longer any need to promote heat.

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