Skinflint Sunday: Watch someone else work on youtube. Save your back!!

Outside the chook pen. Straight ahead. The self-sown mustard is absolutely loving it here in the shade near the fig tree. What a lucky thing to happen! I just threw some bug-infested clapped out old mustard plants here to decompose and it decided to grow.


To the left. You can see the trunk of the fig tree, the water tank and the freezer worm farm. These weeds keep popping up around the place. For years I’ve been pulling them out and throwing them away because Dad said they were deadly nightshade. Then I saw a post on weeds on a blog…. maybe it was foodnstuff’s…and it looked like it was edible. So I threw some to the chooks.

Now that’s not as heartless as it sounds. (Even though most of my current chooks are clapped-out geriatrics who don’t lay many eggs because the fox took the young ones.) Chooks seem to know by instinct what they can eat and what they can’t. They went nuts for this plant, so now I have a ready supply of greenery for the gerls. Every day I pluck another plant and throw it over the fence to them as I slowly clear my way to the worm farm. I love having the property supply the chooks with food!


To the right.

Someone on Simple Savings put me onto this: River Cottage Australia on Youtube. I’ve added this link to my favourites and I’m slowly working my way through them. Just finished episode 3. I’ve never seen the original River Cottage show but I’ve heard about it.  Just watching this makes me itch to be in the garden and get things happening. The weather is warming up and I have to get the veggie garden weeded and ready for action.


A bit more to the right, the pomegranate tree feels that Spring is here. I still have my doubts as to how these tiny little branches can support pomegranates but I guess in the fullness of time we’ll see. This is the 3rd Spring it’s been here, so maybe we’ll see something this year. Does anyone know?

Year 4 or 5 (I’ve lost count) of the Great Pumpkin Experiment will soon be underway. I’m tired of people telling me that pumpkins are easy to grow. I’ve NEVER been able to grow them (yet) so I’m determined to find out the answer. I loves me a good pumpkin. This year I think I’ll dig a bit of a hole on the front weed garden, fill it with some compost-y goodness and try them there. I was always a bit hesitant before, but seeing as my time in the garden is severely limited while I’m building my business I may as well let a few pumpkin plants trail all over the place. Can’t be worse than it is now!!

Or maybe it can. We’ll see by the end of summer.


Even more to the right of the chook run, this one surviving plant of 3 I bought has definitely decided to live, thrive and survive. Bees are visiting it, which is why, when I saw these at foodnstuff’s food forest I decided to get my own. I can’t remember the name of it… something to do with a wedding. Flowergirl, Bridesmaid, Drunken Throwing of the Bouquet…. can’t remember.


Even MORE to the right is the dwarf nectarine tree. David19 and I bought this 3 years ago when he was very unwell and he and his best friend Dan, who’s now off for 2 years overseas, planted it. It was up to my knee. This year it’s up to my waist. That might seem like an impressive rate of growth but I’m not particularly tall, so don’t get too excited! This year will be the first year that we’ll let it grow some fruit.


And here’s the right-hand veggie garden. When I bemoan the weeding in front of me, I’m not kidding!

Thermomix recipe: Oatmeal and Raisin Cookies. I love biscuits with oats in them.

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One Response to Skinflint Sunday: Watch someone else work on youtube. Save your back!!

  1. foodnstuff says:

    Yes it was me with the post about Black Nightshade (not Deadly) being edible. Some plants have self-seeded by the chook run where the Girls can reach it, but so far they haven’t shown any interest in it. I think chooks (like humans) have their food preferences. Mine won’t eat worms! Can you believe that? And here’s me with 2 worm farms, bristling with free food and they won’t eat them!

    You got the name right. That pretty native is Philotheca (formerly Eriostemon) myoporiodes “Flower Girl”. It’s a registered cultivar. When you saw mine it was covered in bees, remember? All my plants of this genus are in flower and there’s very few bees on them. Makes me worry about how well my fruit trees will be pollinated this season and what is the furture for any human food that needs bees.

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