Happy Birthday to me!

And to celebrate, I bought a chicken tractor!

Thermomix recipe: White Chocolate Yoghurt Cake

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5 Responses to Happy Birthday to me!

  1. Joh Lyons says:

    Don’t mean to be daft, but what is a chicken tractor? I hope your day was fun and the celebrations continue…..

  2. As you do. Happy birthday lovely xx

  3. Urspo says:

    As usual, I am late to the party.
    Many happy returns; may this next year be your best one yet !

  4. Ellen says:

    Happy Birthday Frogdancer – I hope you had a good one, and that the white chocolate yoghurt cake was for you with candles on top. A chicken tractor hummmmh, every girls’ dream birthday present:). I’ll look forward to more being revealed in the future. Best wishes.

  5. Happy birthday! What a great birthday present, I keep saying we need a chicken playpen so they can go on the grass and not dig up my garden beds. I’d love to see a pic, I do enjoy your blog too 🙂

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