Steamed dumplings in the thermomix


One of my customers posted on our Ultra Secret Facebook Page for Just My Customers a recipe for rice paper rolls that she made. She cooked hers in the oven but I thought I’d try steaming them instead. The first step was waiting for there to be some ‘left over lamb’ in this house.
Honestly! Leftovers? What a foreign concept with 4 adult-sized boys in the house. But eventually I made a roast leg of lamb, fought the boys away from it and saved lamb specifically for this recipe. So quick and so easy…. and CHEAP!
This is the lamb and veggies. I used daikon radishes from the wicking box, carrot and celery. All for free!


I found these in the fridge section in the supermarket.


Here is how you do it. Just pop a teaspoonful of the mix in the middle of the wonton, then fold the corners up like a little present.

Here they are in the varoma, with a square of baking paper underneath each one. I was at a cooking class that one of my team was running. She was doing an Asian menu and she did this with her dumplings, so who am I to argue?


Used up one and a half packets of wonton wrappers. The plate was for David19’s dinner because he was working late.
All I did then was cook some rice underneath in the bowl and make sure it was up to varoma temperature for 10 minutes. That’s how long the wonton wrapper told me to cook them for.

They were delish… so light and tasty.

Thermomix recipe: Steamed dumplings. The original recipe with my cooking variation.
You HAVE to try these….

Chinese Cabbage
Leftover Lamb

Chop onion carrot, onion and cabbage. Add some oil and heat (reverse) till soft… Add the chopped Lamb till heated through… Add some sauce… I like to use sweet soy sauce (Ketjap Manis)

Wet tea towel and place on bench… Wet rice paper rolls and place filling in, roll them ensuring you tuck the sides

Lightly brush with oil and place in moderate oven for 15-20 mins OR Steam in varoma for 10 minutes (make sure you hit the timer for 10 minutes as soon as the water hits varoma temperature.)

Serve hot with whatever sauce you’d like…..


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2 Responses to Steamed dumplings in the thermomix

  1. Kay Leck says:

    Fabulous idea, we make pork and prawn combo dumplings and they are fabulous. Love the easy recipes. Thanks.

  2. Urspo says:

    I am all for wontons and dumplings.

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